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Your Soul’s Gold (part 2)


Your Soul’s Gold (part 2)

soulIn revealing your Soul’s Gold, this takes constant and daily devotion to your heart and your soul. This pursuit appears hard because we are so used to living, looking, and thinking in the external illusionary world. But when we attain what we are seeking in the physical world- money, degrees, or love- we soon find that our happiness is fleeting because we have not fulfilled our soul’s cravings. We keep looking in the external world hoping that it will one day deliver the true happiness we know is our natural state of being.

Unfortunately most people enter a part in their life where they feel lost, can’t sense up from down, feel empty, no longer think they know what is in their heart, mind or world, and just feel like they are in utter chaos and want to run away. You find you cannot control the situation or your life. This is ONLY happening to get you to your place that can reveal the meaning of your life and true happiness.

The very situations that are the hardest on you are the ones that will expose your own blockages and the closed doors of your heart and ego. These closed doors keep you from knowing or revealing your Soul’s Gold. Quick fixes, running away, or putting off dealing with the hardest of situations only sink you deeper into quicksand.

Life is a dance between the inner and outer world. The outer world gives you the experiences to grow and gives you the people that will help you along the way.  Whether you perceive the people or experiences as bad or good, they are all bumper guards on your road to life. You cannot get stuck seeking external experiences to try to fix your soul’s cravings.

Going inward means looking at your inner world. You see all parts of you; the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can explore your Source’s heart, love and soul. However, going inward and retreating to aloneness (aka running away) will lead you to isolation, loneliness, lack, and a path that leads you deeper yet into quicksand.

It has been said that 30 days is what is needed to create new neural pathways for a habit to become natural. The longer you devote your time and effort to your soul’s highest expression, the easier life becomes.

The easiest step to preform is to pray, meditate and ask for only One thing. This One thing will lead you and bring everything that will match the pure levels of consciousness- prosperity, peace, love, stability, and happiness.

To achieve the One thing, concentrate on opening to a deeper and ultra pure level of your soul’s consciousness. Here is how I do this.

  1. I pray that I am now opening and have clear communication with the pure, deep levels of my soul and spirit.
  2. When I meditate, I see my heart opening wide and bright. I picture the beauty, vibrancy, and pure power of both my soul and spirit. I picture streams of pure communication flowing to and from me from my soul and spirit.
  3. I know my soul and spirit both have a consciousness greater than I can currently perceive. I ask them to open to a deeper level of communication and share that purity, love, and wisdom with me.

Write these on sticky notes and leave reminders for yourself in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, computer, and even your car. Record your voice and replay on repeat over and over this desire. Night time and commuter time is a great time to imprint yourself with this desire. Surround yourself for at least 30 days with this deep desire and watch how your life changes as you begin to reveal your Soul’s Gold.




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