​​​​Your Perfect Diet

Are you Sick of struggling with your diet?

Oprah recently featured a section on working with this new breed of coaches that can help you have the body and health you desire.

She cites that a health coach will help you:
• Break down a process or therapy into manageable steps.
• Hold your hand through a process or therapy when you become uncertain.
• Identify personal roadblocks that may hold you back.

You want to work with someone that has the ability to find out what your unique blueprint is so you can eat for your health.

How do I find out what my unique blueprint is?

It all starts with your genes.  Genetic testing is used to specifically know what diet is best for your body.  Don’t worry this is not about telling you your risks of disease or cancer, it is about giving you a diet based on exactly what your body needs.  Some people need more protein, carbs or fat than others.  Some people have hidden food sensitivities that cause bloating and excess weight, no matter how much they diet.

This is the perfect way to find out what you need and take the guess workout of finding your perfect healthy diet.

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