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Why Your Goal Setting Is Bull$hit


Why Your Goal Setting Is Bull$hit

Are you wondering why your goal setting isn’t producing the results you need?

It’s because everything you’ve been told about goal setting is a lie.

Okay, maybe not everything, but the same gurus that have been teaching goal setting aren’t telling you the whole truth.

I’ve often wondered if gurus withhold information on purpose to stay relevant or if they truly don’t know there is another way.  I would say most just don’t know there is another way.

Grab a pen and paper really fast…

  • Write 3 goals you have.  Quick.

I will venture to say that they all had to do with money, houses, cars, or something only money can buy, right?  While there is nothing wrong with any of these or wanting these, this is not the way to set goals to have them manifest easily.

You see, there is an unconscious collective that has also been termed the morphic field.  Our thoughts are often pulled out of this field and we integrate them as our own.  But they aren’t our own and we never know the difference.

Think of an idea catching on from the morphic field like the 100th monkey effect.

Why You Probably Can’t Manifest A Sports Car or Mansion

It is programmed into us to set goals of a financial amount, a bigger house and a nice car, but the reality is that those really won’t manifest for you and here is why…

Try and remember back 6 months ago to this day, how much was in your bank account to the dollar?  You can’t tell me, right?

But what if there was your best friend’s birthday party on that day, you can probably give me every last detail of that day.

The reason comes down to experience.  One is a feeling, experiential event, while numbers on a slip of paper or on a computer screen fail to produce much of an experience.

You feel and live for experience.

A stack of money or numbers in a bank account won’t lead you anywhere, but the experience the money can bring is what you want!

Part 2 – Bringing Your Goals to the Next Level

So let’s go back to the exercise.

Grab your pen and paper.

Next to the goals you had previously written, write the experience that you are looking for.  Say you want a Lotus.

What experience will driving that Lotus bring?  Will you be accepted into an exclusive club that you can’t get into if you are still driving a Honda?

What experience will you get in this exclusive Lotus club?

  • Valuable business associations?
  • Invites to the opera and grand opening events?
  • Maybe you will even get invited to walk the red carpet.

I bet you wouldn’t forget that experience…thousands of light bulbs flashing as you walk with A list celebrities.

Part 3 – Tying Your Goals Together

Pick one goal and draw a line up your paper.  At the top of your line, write in your goal  (Lotus) and the bottom write, “where I am currently”.  Put notches throughout the line.  These will signify experiences you want to feel before you get your Lotus.

Back to our Lotus example.  What feeling and expereince does walking the red carpet bring to you? Importance?  Treated like you are someone of great importance and value?

Write that at one of the notches.  This will bring about that experience where you get to feel that, while you are on your way of reaching your Lotus goal.

You may be dining in a restaurant where the waiter is extra attentive and the manager comes over and pours you and your date a free glass of champagne. You are treated with the utmost respect during this dinner.

How about if you were flying coach and the flight attendant walks up to you and tells you that you are being upgraded to 1st class at no extra charge.  Everyone looks at you wondering who you are because you are moving to 1st class.  You are treated with value and given anything you want in first class.

Can these scenarios produce the feeling that the Lotus will bring you?

With each notch, write in a different experience you want to feel before you even reach your goal.

Your Revelation

This provides a few things:

  • You are easily living like you already have what you want.  This is a hangup for many people, but not you.  Not anymore.
  • A roadmap that can easily be manifested.
  • It also provides you actionable goals that are measured as you meet each one.  The brain looks to solve problems and will move you forward when there are measured results.

It’s all pretty magically and cool, actually.

It puts the goal setting you have probably previously been practicing to shame.


Do this exercise with all your goals.  Draw them out and keep them up where you can see.

I have tons of white boards that fill my office.  I have giant ones and medium ones and small ones.  They sit in front of me, behind me and around me.  I am surrounded by the reminder of my goals.

Every time I meet a goal, I get to put a huge star by it.  It is bringing me that much closer to the life I want to experience every day in every way.

Did this goal setting exercise exceed your expectations?

If you want to learn more information like I just gave you, click the link and sign up.  The system I am using could well be the answer to your prayers.  I know it has been for me.

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  1. Kelly another awesome post. It does come down to the way you feel. If we can harness that feeling it will push us to much success. It will push us on the days we question the “why”.


  2. Awesome post Kelly. I will admit, many times I was dealing with my goals the way you said is wrong. But after reading a few different books and now your blog, I am changing my goals to what experiences I want and I do feel it is making a difference. Thank you for sharing!


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