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Why You Need the Best EMF Protection  


Why You Need the Best EMF Protection  

Information About How Cell Phones Cause Cancer

and the Best EMF protection you need for you and your loved ones

I just lost a friend to breast cancer.  She battled this for few years Cell-phones-cause-cancer_smand lost the battle on Sunday.  There are no words to express how much she will be missed by the people that knew and loved her.   She became very outspoken about how she felt cell phones cause cancer and specifically how cell phones cause breast cancer.

One of the questions she was asked by MD Anderson was if she used a cell phone and if she ever put it in her bra.  The cancerous tumor was in the exact place where her cell phone was held in her bra.

Around the world, women use their bra to hold money, cell phones, and a whole host of items.  This has become a dangerous habit as the EMF radiation controversy grows.

We are a society that loves technology.  The answer is not to stop using cell phones and other technology.  The answer is that we have to protect ourselves the best way possible.  Cell phones and other EMF devices are now known as the silent killer among us.  Even if you do not use a cell phone or put it in your bra, you are still being impacted by invisible grid of EMFs that you are living and working in.

Before my friend had breast cancer, she never thought twice about EMF protection.  She just didn’t believe that cell phones were dangerous.  Most people think this way.  After she was diagnosed, she knew that a personal EMF protection device was required for every cell phone or electronic gadget.

I went on a search to find the best personal EMF protection product that existed.  There are many good products from home made to professional products, but ultimately I settled on one brand that I felt offered me and my family the best cell phone EMF protection and best personal EMF protection all around.  You can look at the products here : http://ResonantEssence.com

Before you dismiss cell phone dangers, watch this youtube video which Larry King interviews some leading physicians about the dangers of EMFs.

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