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Why It Takes A Revolution To Make Epic Changes In Your Life


Why It Takes A Revolution To Make Epic Changes In Your Life

Have you ever started something with a commitment but before long found yourself back in old patterns?

If you have, you know how this prevents your business, health and relationships from being all that you want.  It can be frustrating and it can often leave you with feeling like a failure time after time.

I discovered a secret that changed everything for me.  I learned the missing ingredients when I embarked on making changes in my life.  Learning this was a defining moment in my business, without a doubt.

First Two Steps To Winning At Everything

There is power in revolution. A revolution decides your success in the future and a revolution can happen in your business, health or even your relationship. It affects all areas of your life.

There are 3 steps to a revolution that will move you from where you are to success, but only if you follow these 3 steps.

The first step of a revolution is realization. A moment of realization can happen overtime or instantaneously. Without it, you don’t know anything is wrong.  You are blind or in denial about a situation. Realization happens when you say, “I need something different!”

Have you been here?

The second step to a revolution is resolution. A resolution is a commitment to change. This is the commitment you make to change your situation. You may have even made a resolution on New Years Eve.

If you made one, did you keep it or have you already broken it? If you’ve broken it, it is because you were missing this very key component of turning your resolution into success.

The Missing Step That Changed My Life

The third step to a revolution is risk. Risk has a broad affect and it will affect other people as well.

Many people will do the first step of realization and the second step of resolution but few people are actually willing to go out on a limb and take a risk.

Here are some awesome quotes about risk that will inspire you.

An Example:

Here’s an example: Say that you were overweight and you see a picture of yourself and you realize how overweight you have become. Or you receive a negative report back from your doctor about your blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar levels.

You have that moment of realization and it’s an instantaneous realization that you need to lose weight. The second step is that you make a commitment to change your health and to lose weight.

Most people will stop right there, but people that will go on to succeed in their commitment will take the third step that involves risk. Now that you know that you have a weight problem, you make the commitment to lose weight and then you take a risk by going out and creating a Facebook group based on your weight loss journey.

Other people will follow your journey and will probably be doing right along with you. There’s a great risk in that because publicly you’ve put yourself out there and you take the risk of failing in front of people.

Take your risk.  Start your 21 day blogging challenge and blog daily!

Now that you know this missing ingredient in your success, what revolutions are you going to make in your business, health or relationships?

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