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Why is My Hair Falling Out? Tales of a Crunchy Wellness Seeker


Why is My Hair Falling Out? Tales of a Crunchy Wellness Seeker

Since early adulthood, I have had my fair share of health problems.  All the problems seemed to cause my hair to thin.  Years ago when I changed my diet to become healthier, still more hair fell out.  I could literally run my hands through my hair and out would come handfuls of hair.

Isn’t a healthy diet supposed to make hair healthy, long, and luxurious?  It didn’t for me and for many people I know.  Gurus would say that hair continues to fall out due to toxicity.  I am Queen of the detox so I know that isn’t my problem.  I just wanted my hair back.

On top of all of this, I think I’ve spent more time in my adulthood pregnant than not.  This did not help the hair falling out issue.  I have spent many a moments crying secretly and saying, “Why is my hair falling out?”

I have access to the professional world of hair care so I have literally tried everything that made hair health promises.  Some worked better than others but I still was dealing with hair I wasn’t entirely happy with.  I tried everything natural under the sun including oiling, acv rinses, herbal rinses, and no-poo.  I went 8 months with no-poo and my hair didn’t change a bit.  I even resorted to supplements. Nothing made great changes.  I also knew I wasn’t alone and this drove me even more to find a solution.

I’m pretty crunchy, which means that natural is really important to me.  I live a pretty green life.  Heck, I even grown my own heirloom food!  That being said, I still color my hair. I love my hair and I am a natural artist so color matters. I enjoy looking my best. I don’t think my hair even began to recover from platinum stage for over 3 years!

I went through years of being crunchy in my total beauty care.  I used natural coloring, hennas, and even leaving my hair alone.  My hair is naturally curly and through the pregnancies, became unruly kinky with different types of curl patterns all over my head.  It is very difficult for me to live without a blow dryer and flat iron.  But I did it.  My hair was better but not great and certainly didn’t look great. My mom swears I was born with coarse, dry hair. I knew there had to be an answer somewhere.

My health problems had been long corrected, my diet had been amazingly pure for years and I still struggled with my hair.  One day when I was pregnant, I went to a new hair dresser.  She looked at all the different lengths and thickness of my hair and asked if I had a problem with my hair falling out.  I told her I wasn’t looking forward to the postpartum hair fallout.

She told me to shampoo first with Nioxin, let that sit on my hair for a few minutes, rinse, and follow it up with my regular shampoo and condition.  I was using the Nioxin 3 Shampoo and Wella Brilliance shampoo and conditioner at the time.  The first time I did that, no hair fell out when I was drying my hair.  None.  I cried.

I used it 2x a week like this and never suffered from fall-out again, even postpartum. My only other addition to my hair care routine at the time was Shuga Leave in Spray conditioner which is the best of the best in my opinion!   Best yet, I was able to stop using hot oils, deep conditioners or protein treatments on my hair.  My hair went from dry and brittle to healthy and luxurious in a matter of 2 months.  It grew fast and I never suffer from fall-out, even when I am fasting.

I currently use Nioxin 2x a month as preventative.  I switch my shampoos back and forth between Pureology and the Wella Brilliance line and always use my Shuga spray conditioner.  I also began to use Babyliss Pro Nano Rotating Hot Air Brush and was able to put my flat iron away for good.

If you are wondering, “Why is my hair falling out?” when you are eating a healthy diet, having some health conditions, or just want to stop postpartum hair fallout, try the above remedy.  It stopped my hair fallout and the fallout of many people (including men) that have tried it.





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