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Don’t Like To Drink Water? I Will Show You How To Like It



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Don’t Like To Drink Water? I Will Show You How To Like It

Are you one of the many people that just has a hard time drinking water, no matter how much you know you SHOULD be drinking it?

You’re not alone. I’ll admit it.  I’m a total health fan and the number one thing promoted in all health circles is drinking water, but it has always been hard for me to drink water.  I didn’t like the taste or I found I just wasn’t very thirsty or my most famous excuse was that it made me go to the bathroom too much. Even though I had all these excuses, I found that there was a reason I didn’t like to drink water. It turns out my body is actually pretty smart, and yours is too.

Water is essentially dead.  I don’t mean it in the case of energetics because it is impossible to truly kill anything.  What I mean is that water in its pure natural state does not exist as the water know now. With modern processing, water has become something else.  It has been changed by man to be put into bottles or to run through the pipes of our houses.  It looks like water and we call it water, but it no longer has the chemical structure of pure water.

Here is a good article that discusses different aspects of water.

Give me a fresh spring where water is bubbling through the earth and that has been untouched by man and I can easily drink a gallon or two right on the spot.  You see, my body recognizes fresh, natural spring water as water.  This is the water that nourishes your body instead of stripping out impurities, which is what our processed water does.

Processed water will strip chemicals, impurities and even vital nutrition out of your body.  It is less nourishing and more detoxing.

Easy Ways To Get You Drinking More Water

I’ve found some easy ways to get myself to drink more water.  Double Helix water drops is one addition.  This helps to add a more natural chemical structure back into the water.

I also make my own steam distilled water when I can add magnets to it.  Definitely changed by man but unless I’m at my land in Central America, I don’t have close, direct access to real water.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

So how much water should you drink in a day?  It depends on you finding water that your body will like.

The mainstream wellness rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in water.  I have a slightly different approach to drinking water.  Drink the amount of water that you can and do what you have to do.  Water is an important detoxifier in today’s day and age of chemicals and toxins.

Tips To Increase Your Water Intake

I use some of tactics to effortlessly sneak more water into my diet.

#1.  Make sure you are eating plenty of watery fruits and vegetables.  Here is a short list of fruits and vegetables with a high water content:

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Grapefruit
  • Cantaloup
  • Tomatoes
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Cauliflower
  • Radish
  • Spinach
  • Iceberg lettuce

You can blend your fruits and/or vegetables into smoothies so you make sure you are eating enough of these watery foods to increase the hydration of your body.

#2.  If you have an aversion to water, try the different waters out.  Glacier waters may appeal to you.  Get the Double Helix water and use that and always put your water near magnets (and never by electronic devices).

#3.  Try adding some pure, unsweetened cherry juice to your water.  If you find that your kidneys or lower back ache after drinking a lot of water, this tip will help you a lot.

Water is an important part of keeping your body healthy.  The less water you have in your diet, the more disease and illness sets in.  Water is especially important for people (and children) with asthma.  The tips I gave throughout this article will help you get the amount of water you need every day to keep your body strong and healthy.  What did you learn in this article that will help you drink more water?


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