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Why I Might Be A Female David Wood And Why You May Be Too


Why I Might Be A Female David Wood And Why You May Be Too

David Wood… He’s a pretty weird guy, right?

First and foremost, he has a 3rd eye blink!  If you know him then I know you know what I am talking about.

I sat in Vegas, listening to a talk that Dave Wood was giving from the stage, I found myself trying to blink my forehead like he does.

Conjure Dave Wood up on stage in your mind.  Got him?

Go ahead… Try his 3rd eye blink.

The top back of your scalp moves forward while your forehead from your eye brows up comes up to meet your scalp as quick as a blink.  And then do it as often as you blink.

I think my 3rd eye just stares because it never blinks like Dave’s.

Bring Me To Your Leader…

I’ve been to many empowerment /self help and business conferences in my day.  Nothing was like this and mostly because HE is not like any other influencer I have met.

Here’s his story…

David Wood was walking in the jungle one day and was downloaded the information of what was to become a multi million dollar company.

What could have given him the information?  God, Angels, or aliens?  Maybe they are all the same.

David Wood is unearthly, that’s for sure.

But Maybe We All Are…

If I had $1 for every time people have told me that I am not human, I’d be more humanly powerful than Bill Gates.  Instead of destroying indigenous people with vaccines and carrying out eugenics programs like good ole’ Bill, I would be teaching people how to rely on their own body and nature for what they need.

While, I’m certainly no Bill Gates (yea!), I am working my butt off to get my information out to other people.

Here’s where I love the internet.  People can read my words, get my concepts, and my words can move them without me being right there next to them.

Chair Roulette

I scare people.  Why?  I have no idea.  Ok… maybe I do.  You will read about that below.  My kids laugh because no matter where I am, whether it is at the car dealer, a class, or even even a standing room only event, most of the time I will have an empty space next to me.  If someone dares to sit next to me, it isn’t long before they get up and move without ever saying a word or even making eye contact.

People avoid eye contact.

Now, I’m not bad on the eyes.  I don’t smell.  Animals and little kids love me.  I can instantly calm anyone that is upset just being there.  I have good manners.  I don’t talk very much.  I don’t fidget.  I usually am just enjoying my surroundings – even if it is waiting at the car dealership for my car to be serviced.  I am self aware and generally feel at peace, even in situations that could be frusterating.

It’s been this way my entire life.  And just so you know, I’m okay with it.  I like me.

My Women’s Only Yoga Retreat Meet-Up Bust

I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for a local meet-up.  Within a few days, all the women were meeting at a yoga retreat in the middle of cattle land about 4 hours out in East Texas for the weekend.

I was the new girl.  We spent the day together with wine and yoga. Yes, they did go together that weekend.  Around 9 pm, all 12 of us piled into the largest of the bunk style bedrooms to just talk woman things.  By about 1 am, the leader of the meet-up group, who was so awesomely cool, looks at me and she asked me what I am thinking.

Imagine a woman asking that!  I know, right?

All kidding aside, she said that everyone was wondering all night what was going through my head.  What I thought about.  I was just listening to everyone talk, joke, share stories, and just enjoying being around women.  I really wasn’t thinking about anything but being totally in the moment.  Being a mom, it was such an empowering luxury to have a weekend out with women.

I’m a pretty quiet by nature person.  My dad taught me early on that everything has a voice and if I listened really carefully, I would hear it.  Im not sure if he taught me something in those early years, but I can hear between words.  I like listening more than talking and I love to hear about people and their experiences.  I am also an INFJ – which is a more rare type of introvert.  You can read more about that here.

We Really Do Live In Glass Houses

I’m intuitive.  People are like glass to me.  It doesn’t take me long to see through them.  While I can’t tell you what you had for dinner last night or where you left your keys, I can tell you what you are unwilling to see about yourself.   That doesn’t make me popular because I have bumped up against a lot of egos.  I’ve learned to not say much.

It’s not that I see bad things.  It’s actually the exact opposite.  I see what someone truly is and I see their hangups.

I’ve had guidance from the spirit realm since I was young.  They’ve pushed me in ways many people can’t understand.  They don’t directly tell me the answers to life, they will give me the nudge and make me figure it out.  I’ve distilled a lot of wisdom because of that.

Many people come here and want to learn how to be spiritual.  I am the other way around.  I’ve been working on being human.  The human side is a mystery which is why I have a degree in psychology and wanted to become a doctor.  These are two very physical ways to understand being human.

Learn. Teach. Do.  

The first time I met my husband’s son, he was 22 years old.  He later told my husband that it felt like I was looking through his soul.  I wasn’t.  I don’t look at people to see them, it’s just something that happens.

I’m actually not nosey and the introvert in me would rather not be able to read so much in other people.  I believe we need to tend to our own gardens instead of being in other people’s metaphorically speaking.  How ironic I have this gift or maybe that’s why I have the gift.  I won’t abuse it.

People don’t like to be uncovered.  I’ve learned to put on my cloak because most people don’t want to and cannot handle this.  They will say they want to live their greatness, but they really aren’t willing to do what it takes to become that.  I make people uncomfortable.

History shows us that what people don’t understand, they tend to attack to destroy as a self protecting mechanism.

How Hot Am I?

Can you imagine my profile on a dating site?  It would be something like this,

“Truth seeking woman looking for a man that is willing to sit next to her and willing to work out his limitations.  Not interested in sports, movies or the mundane.  In fact, doesn’t even own a television.  If you shoot animals for sport – just keep on moving.  Favorite wardrobe is a lab coat.  Adventures involving crop circles, hunting for the existence of Enki and Enlil (creator Gods), silent retreats, looking through a microscope for hours and remediating the earth’s grid system (that has been corrupted by the powers that be to enslave humanity) is normal life for me.  Be prepared to work at creating a unified field while on vacation. Be warned, if dating progresses to the next step, you will probably be visited by 8 foot tall preying mantis beings at night and you may wet the bed.  Meditation is a must.  A highly raw vegetarian diet is preferred.  Oh…and I have 8 kids.”

What do you think?  Pretty hot, huh?  I’m playing around…sort of.  This actually is similar to my life and takes a special someone to be willing to be a part of all of that.  Now you are getting the idea of why people are uncomfortable sitting next to me.

The Teachers In The Jungle

I spent some time deep in the Amazon.   There is something about the information that the jungle holds.  The answers the Amazon held for me were not about bringing to the world soft love and illusion, it was about breaking down illusions and kicking some limiting butt.

Back with David Wood on stage in Vegas, there was a drawing where someone would be able to site down to dinner with David and ask him anything you wanted.  This came right on the heels of the person announcing the drawing saying David Wood never answers questions.  So I thought, what would I do if I won?

I probably wouldn’t say much.  I’ve worked with powerful people and celebrities in my years so I no longer get star struck.  The core of who someone is is what impresses me, not what they have achieved.  I bet Dave would have liked if I came to dinner and didn’t say anything.

I didn’t win, but all the same I did think that I would be curious to see how deep down the rabbit hole his mind can truly go because mine fell out the other side of the world.  I’d love to be around people that can just let the limitations of belief go and fall into wherever that conversation brought them.

Realities are awesome to me:  Religions, science like string theories, chaos theories, M theories, black matter, multi-universes, alternate realities, mirror worlds, potentials, possibilities and probabilities, angelic realms, demonic worlds, lifting veils, creator gods, One Source, the past, present and future all happening at the same time, other lives, the consciousness held in DNA, astral travel, split incarnations, ghosts, reptilian entities, other “alien” beings, and let’s not forget “conspiracies”.


I don’t really care where someone came from or if their beliefs are different than mine.  This Earth is big enough and I am just wise enough to know my opinion is not the only one that matters.  No matter what your beliefs, whether they are about animal cruelty or alien abductions, speak your truth.

Stop being afraid of who you are.  So what if you believe in fairies, Jessy Venture or Donald Trump, or if you believe in Jesus or Buddha.  You have a mission and what ever life you have lived, whatever pain you have been through, and whatever your beliefs are, I promise there are others out there that will resonant with where you have been and where you are going.

We are all weird and incredible in our own way.  Some times people are just more open about it than others.  It doesn’t make you bad to be different.  It makes you strong.  It makes you unique and it makes you a role model.

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  1. Kelly, I only have one thing to say, as I’m just sitting here taking in your Beingness…

    I would love to BE at that dinner with Dave & yourself, as I’d just sit there…
    and observe his reaction…to your non-reaction to Being there. It would be epic. That is all.

    Oh, and I’m going to come find you in Nashville…and sit on that empty chair next to you! Yeah, I’m a badass like that! 🙂

    Just no looking into my soul though, ok? 😉


  2. Kelly you’re a riot. I remember sitting in the audience in Chicago thinking the same think. But now you’ve coined the phrase the “3rd eye blink”. Great story and love your dating bio 😉


  3. I loved your dating site bio…

    Your writing is even resembling David Wood!

    I thank you for pulling back the curtain on Kelly… More people need to do this in life, but they think…. Who would read it? Who would care?

    Not realizing that the simple act of lowering the barriers and being honest about who we are… Creates the space for the next person to do the same. And THAT is a beautiful thing.

    Thanks for this post 🙂 I sometimes feel I am David Wood too 😉


  4. Beautiful article Kelly…I enjoyed learning about you and your awesomeness!! You supported me in honoring where I am at, and that is making a HUGE difference for me. I feel more free now than ever before. And yes, I can almost blink my third eye 😉


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