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Why I Nearly Froze Using Whole Body Cryotherapy



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Why I Nearly Froze Using Whole Body Cryotherapy

Would you think someone was crazy if they willingly exposed their naked body to -268 degrees F?

This has been my dream for over 20 years.

Yesterday, I finally had the chance to live out that dream.

My life is all about pushing the limits of belief.  I’ve went without food and water for 18 days.  I’ve exposed my naked body to something as close to cryogenics as we can get for the living body and I’ve spent over 24 hours in a sensory deprivation tank, floating in water in complete silence and darkness.

I love it.  I love my life.

I’m not an adrenaline junkie.  In fact, I’m actually the opposite.  I am a zen junkie.

You won’t find me jumping off cliffs anymore or riding roller coasters.  That was my past life.  In the past 10 years, I’ve been dedicated to pushing myself in other ways that create more peace, well-being, and regeneration.  This has help me tap into my super powers.

We all have super powers.  I used to believe super powers were only made up.  All I had to do was shift my perception.   Super powers do not have to be about strength; they are about something that you do exceptionally well and with natural ease.

Cryotherapy is amazingly relaxing.  I didn’t shiver but my skin did sting a little.  I felt renewed when all my blood came rushing back from my core to the outer parts of my body.  I felt relaxed and refreshed.

“It’s not like sticking your hand in an ice bucket or taking an ice bath.  This is extreme cold.” states Liam Hennessy, a world leading expert in cryotherapy, in an interview.

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

I am first going to list the commonly known medical benefits of cyrotherapy:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases speed of recovery
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Tightens skin & aids in weight loss
  • Improves Skin Conditions
  • Relieves althritis
  • Relieves psychological stress
  • Helps kill cancer cells
  • Dissolves depression

While all these are really important factors, I went for other reasons that are not as commonly known.  I will outline the reasons below.

There are 3 areas that cryotherapy targets in the body:

  • Biochemical : the circulatory system
  • Energy system : the meridians
  • Information level : the nervous system

Biochemical Level

When exposed to extreme cold, the cold sensors found in your skin send a warning of danger throughout the body.  Muscles and tissues constrict which cause the flow of blood to go towards the core of your body.

The core of your body is where your internal temperature is held at a constant 98.6 degrees F.  If the core of your body varies from that degree too much, you will die from hypothermia.  To prevent this, your body goes into life saving mode.

As the blood is circulating to your core, it is becoming saturated with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients your body needs.

What does this mean for you?

Your internal organs are being supersaturated with oxygen and nutrition, probably for the first time in a very long time.  This allows any organs that were previously stressed to repair quickly and easily. Because your body is focused on survival, any areas of your body that are damaged and weak will be repaired during this process.  During this process, your body moves in like a medic team, repairs what’s needed and sweeps up the diseased and dead cells, toxins and other debris and quickly transports it to your lymph system.

Once back in normal temperatures, your brain switches gears and tells your body to flood this oxygen and nutrient rich blood back to the outer parts of your body.

Results continue for 6-8 hours post cryotherapy treatment.

Your body literally regenerates at a cellular level very quickly.

Energy Level

Many medical systems throughout the world recognize the meridian system of the body.  The fact is we are energetic beings.  Ignoring this part of medicine is to ignore a major part of your body.  Your meridian system is your energy system.

You have 12 main meridians and many smaller meridians.  Your meridian system connects the energy to your physical matrix.  This electrical energy is allowed to flow through the meridian channels carrying electricity that keeps your body healthy and strong.

Your energy system is affected by diet, stress, electronics, being sedentary, chemical and biological contamination (toxins in your environment), and external and internal injuries and scars.  These are also known as interference fields because they block or reduce the flow of electricity through those areas of your body.

Many doctors within the USA have concentrated their practice on measuring the voltage of the body.  The voltage measures the potential of energy through your body.  A voltage reading will give you a picture of your energy levels on the physical spectrum. These doctors address health issues by restoring the healthy electricity within the body.  The results are miraculous.

Modern medicine usually diagnosis a disease after an organ is severely damaged.  The energy in this organ is low enough that allopathic medicine can now pick up on its “condition”.

Imagine if you could know in advance that your organs needed an energy boost to even prevent that future diagnosis.

What would that mean to you and your loved ones?

Whole body cryotherapy restores the energy and electricity to your organs.

A quick demo:

To see how this works, we turn to science.  If you take a long piece of wire, put heat on one end and ice on the other, electricity is created in that wire.

A strong electrical current is created in your body when the surface of your skin is around 30 degrees F and the internal core of your body remains at 98.6 degrees F.  This current is carried through your meridian system to all of your organs.

Think about this; aging is caused from a lowered electrical supply within the body.  By increasing the energy your body is producing, you can slow and even stop the aging process.

Information Level

Your nervous system is one of the most corrupt systems of your body, thanks to the over-stimulation in society. Stimulation is caused by colors, noise, activity, lighting, information, electronics, crowds, and even watching tv and reading.  Our society is tweaked to keep your nervous system stressed and exhausted.

Because this is the norm for your body, you do not even realize it.

Your nervous system is not only negatively engaged by external factors, it is negatively engaged by internal factors as well.  The leading cause is your mind.  Your mental and emotional patterns play a huge part in the health of your nervous system.

This is why changing your mind, beliefs and controlling your thoughts changes everything in your life, including your health.  This is one of the main areas of health that I focus on because people do not realize the effect their mind has over their health and the functioning of their body.

When your body goes under the stress of extreme cold therapy, an instant reading of the health status of your entire body systems is compiled.  The areas of your nervous system that are nutrient depleted or weakened, will be sent help during the cryo exposure period.

There is a predominate stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes relaxation and causes a disruption in the normal communication between your mind and your nervous system.

Why is this important for you to know?

Your peripheral nervous system is a normal part of the regeneration of your body that occurs on a daily basis.  However, it is widely recognized that your central nervous system cannot be self regenerated.

Or can it?

Study after study reveals that cryotherapy does indeed regenerate your central nervous system and increases communication between that and your peripheral nervous system, which allows your body to self regenerate your entire nervous system.

Don’t Have A Cryo Center Near Your Home?

There are several things you can do that will help you benefit from some of the benefits of cryotherapy at home.  While the results will not as great at true cryotherapy, with repeated use, you will see the same benefits over an extended period of time.

• Cold showers.  Yes.  Cold.  I don’t use heat anymore for showers.  I stopped doing that years ago when I suffered from a bout of depression after I gave birth.

• If you can’t stand the idea of taking a fully cold shower, 3 minutes before you get out of the shower, turn the hot all the way off and the cold all the way up and stand underneath it.  It will be unbearable at first but you will find after a minute, your body begins to feel warm.

• Ice pack between your legs.  Long, thin frozen ice gel packs can be placed inside your underwear.  There are several nerve ending that end right in that areas, which makes it the perfect place to cool down.

• This also has been shown to actually fix a lot of sexually induced problems and infections without medications or herbs.Once the ice pack is warmed to body temperature, replace it with another one.This is actually very simple but also extremely powerful.  Your body will detox much easier with this method.


Whole body cryotherapy and cold therapy is an important tool to keep your mind and body healthy and vibrant.  Science has not even begun to scratch the surface as to the importance cryotherapy plays on the healing of the body.

Cryotherapy will now be a regular part of my life.

Are you will to freeze your health problems away?

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