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Why Do People on a Spiritual Path Go Through More Dark Nights of the Soul Than Anyone Else?


Why Do People on a Spiritual Path Go Through More Dark Nights of the Soul Than Anyone Else?

dark-night-of-the-soulPeople erroneously believe that once they decide to walk the spiritual path, they will be greeted with rainbows and roses. They believe they will no longer be lonely, will achieve bliss, happiness, and an easy life. Little do these spiritual warriors know that this path is actually an uphill battle.

The spiritual journey is a very individual journey. Not only does this path take courage, but a great deal of inner strength and tenacity. You find that the further you are on the spiritual road, the less people you see on your path. Gurus and teachers eventually fade to the background. There is a point that you realize you are alone.

This loneliness is a choice you have made. When you are in the matrix, living the illusion, you are alone but by default, not by choice. You feel that the people surrounding you should be there for you. Once you make the choice to take the spiritual road, you make the choice knowing you are taking a personal journey alone. While you are alone, there is a point in your path that you realize everything exists inside of you and you impact the whole in a beautiful way.

The dark nights of the soul come from the challenge to everything you have been taught or think should be true. We fight to hold on to the illusion, even though we know we want something real. Once we can see the true reality instead of what we want to see, there is a period of adjustment we must go through. Our thoughts and beliefs are not only held in our brain but in every cell and organ in our body. Several belief systems are often tied to one thought or illusion. The breakdown of these illusions can be traumatizing to the body and to our emotional state. We experience a grieving and a loss for the comfort of our illusions. We step into the unknown.

I have often felt like I am walking and suddenly enter a fog. I know the terrain is mountainous, and I stand at what I fear is the edge of a great drop off. I’m not sure if there is a drop off, but I feel scared. If I take a step with the thought that there is solid ground and I fall, I will die. If I never take the step, I’ll be stuck in the same spot forever or worse, go back and relive my history.

Not all is unpleasant on a spiritual path. New ideas, wisdom, and beauty open to us. We see things we never thought were possible. We meet people, if only fleetingly, that are incredibly special and pure. Because we grew up in the illusion and still walk in physical form, the illusion and people living in the illusion will always be there to try to pull us back in. You will experience setbacks, questioning, and general bumps in the road. Because we have seen the beauty and glory on our spiritual path, the illusionary matrix becomes more difficult to live in. As we open ourselves to the beauty of the divine, we often find we are much more sensitive in the physical. All of a sudden we can feel the pain and suffering in the souls of other people, even if they do not realize the suffering themselves. We often feel like we are an open wound.

People walking the spiritual path are prone to depression, feeling lost, and feeling weak. We carry a large burden by being strong enough and brave enough to walk the spiritual path. On the other side of the dark night of the soul is always an incredible gift, an amazing journey, and an enlightening breakthrough. You will always find the next level after a dark night of the soul. Think of this transition as a doorway to greater kingdoms.

No one can help us out of these moments but us. We have to pull our own selves up and walk through the next door. It is important to know that you may not always see the full fruits of your labor in this physical life, but you will come to understand the ripple effect your spiritual path has created once you leave the earthly plane.

The spiritual path is worth the physical sacrifice.

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  1. Hi Kelly: I just came across your blog and I resonate strongly with it, and especially this post about the dark night of the soul. I can completely relate.


  2. Thanks for this. It’s very perceptive and helpful. I’m sure a lot of us wonder about the same issue.

  3. As a small child I was often chastised for crying too much. Out of (what seemed to others) the clear blue I would cry. I can remember why I cried and I can remember the frustration of not being able to communicate why I was crying. How could I tell my parents that I felt other people’s emotions radiate from them? I could feel other people’s pain, anger, jealousy – all the ugly base human emotions. On the flip side I could also feel the joy in life – the singing of birds, the glow of the sun, the hum of the flowers – knowing that everything and everyone contained some goodness. And all those that were in pain, had lost their goodness, or at least a portion. As time went on I feel my gifts were methodically taken from me and now I want them back. This article has helped me value all that happened and continues to happen. Thank you.

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