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What is Pain?


What is Pain?

painPain is resisting what you do not know or understand. Pain is fear from the past coming to collide with the present and future. We often fear what will make us greater and shine brighter. I have spent a great deal of time talking to my spirit guides lately. While I am rarely told anything, I am provided the space to work through my issues and to be able to see my situations outside my physical emotions. This is such a valuable part of me and my growth. I have been concentrating a lot lately on this practice.

A few years ago I took a Philosophy class at the University. From day one, I was to research and write a paper on whether we have free will or if our life is predestined. At the end of the class, I wrote the paper and explained that we have both. Over the last two years, I have come to realize a clearer picture of what that looks like. We work to complete and learn things in life for our spiritual growth. Our life and path is predestined. The people we will meet and are involved with, our situations that present are all part of that plan.

Our free will comes in with how quickly we will embrace or move through these tough situations. Will we fight what has been predestined because of ego or old patterns or will we go with the flow and trust spirit? When we fight growth or change for something better because of our ego or old patterns, our lives and spiritual growth slow and take the long route home.

I had my first introduction with releasing physical pain early in 2010. I had dental work done, amalgam removal, without any numbing or pain relief. Instead of going into the fear of the past, I took the experience second by second and stayed in the moment of each second. I realized in that very second, there really wasn’t any pain. I reached something within myself, a new awareness and strength.

I had my first introduction into releasing emotional pain and getting out of my emotional body recently. I have a hard time when I do not understand something or someone’s actions. I realized that no amount of thinking about why someone else does what they do will bring me understanding.

I have come to realize that we really cannot see individual people. You will always represent something to someone. I think the higher up we climb spiritually, the more we can begin to see the true essence of someone, but still, one person represents a cumulative of our past and our lessons yet unlearned.

The time we are in right now has our past, way before Atlantis and Lemuria, now coming back to us. We are feeling the changes within the Earth. We are also processing what Mother Earth is going through. For the empathic people, we are not only processing our own situations, we are processing the Earth’s. We have additional layers and layers added on to our emotional body. We are all stuck in the middle of a hurricane. The question is, can we find stillness within the hurricane?

I’ve learned about stillness lately. Please note that stillness and avoidance are two different things. Stillness is a mastery and the purist form of releasing the emotional body. Avoidance is going in the opposite direction which allows the chaos to build momentum. When I am in stillness, that is when healing can occur; for me and for the people connected to me.

Emotional pain was yet again a choice, although I did not realize it. I simply had to let it go. Let go of the pain. Let go of the not understanding. Let go of my illusions. I know that I can only allow my body, my mind and my emotions to move through this and not fight it because of my past, ego or illusions. I cannot control how someone else chooses to move through something. I cannot worry or guess about the future outcome. I can only have faith in me, my guides, and work diligently on my growth and care.




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