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What is Food And What is Really Going On in The Body When We Eat


What is Food And What is Really Going On in The Body When We Eat

eatingLet me discuss how we should be eating. Lower calorie and portion control is the name of the game for a healthy body and mind.

This is the age-old debate.  Is a low calorie diet harmful? Many say yes. Many say no. But what we need to know is what is food and what is really going on in the body when we eat.

We eat food for energy. People think that food is only for nutrients, but the main reason we eat food is actually for the energy. We will always overeat food that is devoid of energy. You will feel full much quicker and consuming much less from eating a salad than eating a pasta dinner with bread. Your body is searching for energy. Just like a car has a fuel tank with a gauge, you have an energy tank with a gauge. Live foods are living foods and full of energy. Cooked, processed foods contain very little energy so our body does not register full until our stomachs have literally expanded so much on the inside of us that we CANNOT eat more.

On a low calorie diet, the body begins to detoxify quickly. This is a normal function of your body. When you eat too much, your body is busy expending the energy you just consumed to break down the food. This causes your own energy to take a nose dive. This is why we often feel sleepy after a big meal.

Eating to expand your stomach versus for energy and satiation interferes with your body’s natural detoxification mechanisms. We, as a culture, have become very out of tune with our own body. We can no longer tell when we have ingested something that is not good for our body unless we have an immediate physical response. However, science has proven that our liver has tiny anaphylactic (allergic) reactions to much of the processed foods we eat. Because we are so out of tune to our body, we never realize this.

When our liver has an allergic reaction, histamine is released into our body. This activates our most powerful whole-body defense response. This response causes whole body inflammation which can take a couple of weeks for the cells of your body to recover from. Very often we have no idea what is going on in our body. Constant allergic reactions of the liver by eating processed and unnatural food leads to chronic inflammation and plays a major role in diseases, disorders and dysfunctions of the body.

Research has shown that we have numerous toxins in our bodies that have been illegal for decades. That’s not including the fact that we live in a chemical-laden environment where toxins are still legal. Babies are being born with a toxic load, which has never been seen before. When the body begins to do what it is designed to do, like detoxify naturally, we often feel weaker or may even find we have a headache. People unknowingly fill their stomachs full to stop and avoid the natural detoxification action of the body. If those toxins are not coming out, they are staying in and causing silent damage. There are things you can do once you lessen your eating habits to avoid the negative side of detoxification.

My number 1 recommendation is: Having the download points in your hands and feet on will make the negative side effects of detoxification obsolete. I do this in-clinic because we have a unified field set up to get super duper results fast. You can pack your download points yourself at home. E-mail me for more information.

You can also incorporate activated charcoal capsules or make a charcoal slurry. 4-6 capsules or 2 teaspoons of charcoal in pure spring water 2x a day for the first 3-5 days helps absorb the toxins being released. Avoid taking this around the time you will take medications or supplements because charcoal will lessen their potency and absorption.

You will also want to take a cleansing agent to make sure you are having good bowel movement. If you are using the charcoal method, it is imperative that you take Oxypowder or PRL’s Cleanse Blend.

Drinking plenty of pure Spring water will also help flush toxins out.

Many people mistakenly think that if something is good for you, then eating a lot of it will not harm you. Too much of a good thing is always harmful in one way or another. Portion control is always needed, whether you are eating salad or having an occasional dessert. I use those divider plates at home. Psychologically your plate appears full, not reduced. Divider plates are an easy way to maintain a system of portion control. You can buy divider plates from Walmart or go chic and buy them from Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn.

Here are some easy tips on healthy eating:

Eat as fresh and raw as possible.

Steam vegetables or lightly sauté them.

Avoid pre-packaged foods as much as possible.

Become a label reader. You want to ideally eat foods that have the least amount of ingredients. You should know what every single ingredient is in something. Avoid natural flavor or spices (code words for MSG), chemical additives, or sugar (even artificially sweeteners). If you buy meat, many of the fresh or packaged meats have a bunch of additives. Purchase food that is as simple and pure as possible.

Eat until you are satisfied instead of when you are full or your stomach has expanded. You can go back in an hour or two and eat a little bit more. You do not have to consume everything in one sitting. Eat whenever you are hungry. This is instinctive eating. The purer the food, the less calories and the more energy the food contains.

People often complain that raw food or salads do not satisfy them. They say that in an hour or two they are hungry again. This actually is okay and a good sign. Your body is beginning to function correctly. Eat something when you are hungry. Eating smaller amounts throughout the day keeps your metabolism high, your energy tank on full, your liver from having allergic reactions and causing the deadly histamine syndrome, and helps you to reach your ideal weight.

The side effects to portion-controlled and instinctive eating are longer and better quality of life, reverse aging, glowing skin and hair, reversal of acute and chronic diseases and disorders, high energy, good brain and memory function, balancing of hormones, a healthy sex drive, a healthy body image, and so much more.

Yes, it is possible to feel and have a healthier body at the age you are at now than when you were in your 20’s.




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