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What Do Shoestrings And Longevity Have To Do With Each Other?



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What Do Shoestrings And Longevity Have To Do With Each Other?

Did you know that many things you use everyday are actually very similar to your body?

Allow me to take you on a trip into your body.  Your cells are wonderful little machines working to keep your body in a fine balance.  They are born, grow, give birth, get sick, and die, just like we do.

But unlike us, our cells have cloning abilities.  Many of our cells have programmed within them many times that they can divide themselves.  This ensures our longevity and many years on this planet.

Some cells divide rapidly and die early.  Some cells divide with normal aging.  Other cells only divide when stress of injury occurs and some are unknown if they divide at all.  This area of science is still largely unknown.

The Shoestrings in Our Body

I will concentrate on the area of science we do know: telomeres.

Every time your cell divides, a small portion of your DNA is lost. This is the shoe string at the end of your chromosomes, called telomeres. As you age, the telomeres become shorter and shorter. Finally it disappears and the cells stops dividing and dies.

Physical aging occurs as more and more cells reach the end of their telomeres and die. As the process accelerates, your muscles become weaker, eye sight declines, and wrinkles appear.

You cannot avoid your telomeres from becoming shorter as time goes on, BUT your habit and lifestyle can dramatically influence the speed at which is occurs.

How You Can Slow Down Aging

I’ve been digging into what actions in the body cause natural cellular aging and how we slow it down or suspend it for a time.

I’ve found some interesting ideas that are backed by science, but they are not without controversy.  I will start with the areas that will be easy to understand and put into place in your life.


Ah, the dreaded D word.  We love food.  It is a social and emotional addiction for us, but food has come so far from what is natural it has caused a lot of problems in our body.

One of the problems is with premature aging.

You must restrict refined sugar intake. Sugar is added to just about every processed food, jarred, canned, or packaged food, including meat, veggies, sauces, and soup.

You will also see sugar substitutes like: sucrose, sucralose, Phenylalanine, Aspartame, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, dextrose, lactose, maltose, and Monosodium glutamate (MSG).  These should all be avoided at ALL costs.

The average person consumes 130 lbs of sugar every year and doesn’t know it because it is hidden in unsuspecting food. This dramatically shortens telomeres in a short amount of time.


The other things that can dramatically reduce the speed of your aging is don’t eat so much! Limiting the amount you eat every day will actually lengthen your life.

If you think of food like miles on a road, the more miles you travel, the more wear and tear on your car. This is the same with the body. The more food you eat, the more wear and tear you put on your body.

If your hair is starting to gray. If wrinkles are starting to appear, make these simple fixes to your diet to slow down the aging of your body and extend the years to your life.


The next area is dry fasting.  Dry fasting involves total abstinence from food and water for a period of time.  Dry fasting causes your cells to turn on their own regenerative powers within themselves.  This is where parts of the body are rapidly healed without any outside influence.

Cold Therapy

The next is whole body cryotherapy.  Cryotherapy, much like dry fasting, flips a switch in your body to repair itself like it normally wouldn’t.  Instead of organs and body systems slowly weakening and breaking down over time, they actually are sent what they need to heal.

It is only under what the body determines to be a life or death situation that the body does everything it can to preserve life.  In order to preserve life, it performs emergency medical treatment on any and all parts of your body that are weak or sick.

You can read more in depth about my article on cryotherapy here.


If you are young still, take preventive measures now! Don’t wait until you see signs to make the changes. It’s easier to prevent damage than to reverse it! Keep your genetics strong so your little ones can have strong genes. Remember, their genes are a xerox copy of our genes and our weakness will be passed on to them.

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