June 13

Transcending Darkness in Life


Transcending Darkness in Life

I’ve had a theme in my life that I did not figure out until 10 minutes ago. Transcendence. Transcendence is not about ignoring or pretending something doesn’t exist; transcending is finding stillness in the middle of a situation. I was born being able to perceive dark forces. Many people throughout my life have argued about the existence of such things, but I can see what most people cannot. When people would try to convince me I was wrong, I learned to allow them to have their opinion. I understood that maybe they did not need to see what I saw or maybe they were not in the place where they could handle it.

TranscendingOther people would recommend that if I ignored the dark forces, they would go away. They said man’s mind is the one that creates such things and keeps them alive. While that is partly true, it is a very superficial peak at the truth of the situation. I wrote earlier in the week about finding the stillness within. The stillness can and should come in the middle of chaos. I think this is so important with the time we are in and entering. Things will only become more chaotic. You need to find the stillness so when you are in the middle of the storm, you can be okay. Finding your stillness does not make the chaos around you cease to exist, rather it ceases to have an impact on you. You can still grow and prosper in the middle of the storm. I figured out I can apply this to the dark forces.

One of the things I have witnessed so much in the spiritual community is the ostrich with his/her head in the sand syndrome. This syndrome’s motto is if you say something doesn’t exist, then it will not. I know enough about the collective unconscious to know that what other people believe will have an impact on me, even if I do not even know something exists. Plus, I can see influences around people that they are not even aware of. I know something can impact you whether you believe in it or not.

With the dark forces, the key is not to close my eyes or pretend they are not there and then they will cease to influence people. The key is to transcend them. Understand they are there and find my stillness. They will still be there in the middle of the storm, yet they can no longer influence me.




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