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The Secret Law of Attraction


The Secret Law of Attraction

Manifestation (aka the Secret Law of Attraction) is a curious thing to me. When the movie The Secret came out, the Secret Law of Attraction was suddenly a focus of many spiritual and financial circles. The Law of Attraction became a household phrase. I watched the movie The Secret, read the books by Walter Wattles, Ralph Emerson and Napoleon Hill. I had friends that couldn’t get enough of the manifestation principle while others that were religious said The Secret was blasphemy.

A few people from The Secret sprang to the top as experts in the field of manifestation and creating the life you want. I bought their books and programs, went to their seminars, classes, met some of them personally and even was invited to a birthday party. I agreed with a lot of the teachings, but I had questions where certain things did not fit. I went to the top names in the business, only to find that no one could answer some of my most pointed questions.

While we are all learning at different levels all the time, I saw holes in the theory that many of these experts were teaching. I believed that we created our realities and if we wanted something, all we had to do was focus, recite affirmations, believe we already had what it is we wanted to create in our life, and act to bring that thing into fruition. Sounds great, huh? But why did everyone I know, including myself AND many of the experts themselves, take 1 step forward and sometimes 2 steps back? The bigger someone played, the bigger the setback.

We are taught that thoughts are things. In the body, we know that emotions and negative thoughts create actual maladies in the body. That is physical proof that thoughts are things.

Suddenly, one day, all my questions were answered. I had my AHA! moment with manifestation and the Law of Attraction. I finally understood creating reality. I want to point out that understanding and actually applying the principle are two different things. I will explain this later.

We do NOT create. We are in the middle of this stream of energy that we live in, from and by. We are the conduit to give the expression of this energy. This energy is God, Creator, The Divine, Divine Intelligence, and The One True Source. Whatever your term for the Higher Power is, this energy is pure. This is the power that creates everything and gives life to everything. I finally understood the resistance from the churches. Every second, every thought, is created through Source and then comes into reality. So no matter how hard you work at manifesting something, if you have ANY negative thoughts, these are created too. These negative thoughts will either mute your desire so you do not see it, will completely repel what you desire, or will eventually be overshadowed by the negative that you have thought or felt.

If Creator creates from every thought or feeling you have, without judgement or discernment, then it is easy to see why the teachings of manifestation produce limited or unpredictable results. But you see, Creator IS predictable and NOT limited. It is when we try to manifest something into creation, without changing all of our misconceptions, beliefs, and man-made laws, that we fail to have a life full of perfect peace, love, happiness, harmony, fortune, and wellness.

I once created a project for myself. I consider myself a very blessed and positive person. Most people that know me will agree with this. For 3 days, I wrote down every single thought I had. No one realizes how negative they really are or the negativity that you are surrounded by that affects you. While you do not have to go to the extreme of a 3 day project, take a day or 1/2 a day and write everything down. If you seriously want to see your life change, or even to truly understand why your life is the way it is, do this.

Our mind is so full to the brim with illusions, false concepts and man made laws that it is difficult to see the truth. We not only are constantly taught, and have been taught false concepts and lies from childhood, but we have also inherited concepts we carry around with us. We then go on to project these concepts onto others.

Remember when I said there was a difference between understanding something and physically doing it? This will be the largest mountain with rough terrain you will ever have to climb. When you start, it may seem insurmountable but you will quickly see you receive more energy from being happy then from being negative. In truth, it takes the same amount of your energy, your thoughts, and your time to either be happy or to be miserable. The beauty is you get to choose. Either decision is yours and yours alone to make.

The key is not to manifest.  Because we cannot manifest anything, we can only be a conduit of expression. God has given us the power of thought in which we can be an outlet of truth and purity; a unity and oneness of not only mankind but of all creation. God does not choose for us; we choose and that energy creates. We are given that freedom without judgement. We have reached a tipping point in the world we live. We are full of illusion and lies. We think and cause more destruction than beauty and oneness.

This is curious to me. We are given pure choice and I have often wondered why because we have used and abused this power. The answer is because we can grow in an environment of choice. If we are given the responsibility of choice, we are also given the responsibility of growth. We are being asked to truly notice the falsity in the world we live in and then not accept it. We are being asked to live up to our full divine potential; what we truly feel deep down inside. We are being asked to let go of what does not promote growth and instead surround ourselves with truth and all that is good and positive. Somewhere in all of us, we have this deep desire that tugs and pulls at us to have complete happiness; to yearn for more no matter what our circumstances. We all desire unbridled happiness, perfect health, peace, radical wealth and freedom, connectivity, and great love.

We need to take this power, see the illusion, and cast out the illusion from every nook and cranny of our life. Instead, our Spirit is urging us to see, think and feel purity, oneness, happiness, stillness, and peace. Because we live in a matrix made up of duality, we have the power to choose destruction or creation. Our fascination with illusion in the way of the internet, movies, television, media of all types including the news, newspapers, conspiracy sites, the focus on beauty, sex, addictions, believing lies all lead to destruction. Distractions keep us ingrained in unhappiness and separation and also plants the seeds of destruction. Because of these seeds, we have abused and used too much of the Universe’s resources. We are at a place in our evolution that the scales have tipped too far to the side of destruction, and we will see humanity having to start over again.

Truly being the change you want the world to be is the way to have the perfect life. It’s not about changing another person or a group of people or even changing the planet. It is about casting out every single negative thought, action or feeling and never again letting it enter into your space. This is the key to having the life you want, without setbacks. Creator is overabundant and wants you to be overabundant in health, wealth, and happiness. All you have to do is change your mind.

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