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The No Excuses Rule


The No Excuses Rule

It’s interesting to observe people. I often hear people remark that kids these days seem to have an automatic sense of entitlement.

Respect is harder to come by these days and just because you are older (and hopefully wiser), does not demand immediate respect any longer. I watch people that stand in lines or people that do not immediately get what they want when they want it. People huff and puff and get downright nasty at times.

I went to Greece in 2001. While dining in a restaurant, I noticed there was another American seated a few tables away. She did not like what was served to her and actually stood up in the restaurant and made a big scene. I heard the disdainful murmur of “American” around me while people just shook their heads. It was then that I realized the youth of today are only mimicking what they observe around them. This is what has shaped their world. We have shaped their world.

What lends to this selfishness? Is it the energies that are flooding into our world right now? Is it health imbalances that have people so fatigued and over-stimulated that they snap easily? Is it the poor quality of food and diet that our brain and body are not being nurtured?  Is it our obsession with money and excess? Is it that people are so tired of being hurt that they hurt first? Is it that the common goodness of people seems to be hidden in the midst of just trying to self-survive?

All personality imbalances stem from a chaotic metabolic system and all chaotic metabolic systems have a root cause in the energy of emotions long buried.  I know from my research, my experience, and centuries-old healing systems that a healthy body leads to a healthy brain and healthy emotions.  Unhealthy emotions eventually sends the body’s organs into chaos causing unhealthy thoughts, actions and reactions.

Excuses dot pretty much every conversation, whether the words are coming from kids or adults. When I was running late or failed to get something done, I would make an excuse. My husband told me something that changed my life 16 years ago. He told me that excuses only further annoy people.  He said people really don’t care WHY something happened or didn’t happen, they only want to know WHEN something will be fixed and HOW it will be different next time.

If someone is annoyed at you for you failing to do something you were supposed to, they will find it difficult to stay mad when you take personal responsibility; when you change the situations to make sure your word means something.  When you show personal responsibility, that tells people that you are willing to change a destructive behavior and that you value your word.

I look at excuses like the small everyday mental/emotional games people play. People will go on doing what they do and recreating the same situations over and over.  People that tend to be late to something are usually chronically late to everything. This allows them to feel victimized by the  person that is annoyed at them for running late.  Many people can then shift the focus and blame from their actions to how wrong that person is to be mad or upset.

When you no longer make excuses for yourself and take responsibility to change what is not adding value to your life or other’s lives, people cannot victimize you. It is amazingly freeing.

In my wellness center, I would hear excuses as to why people didn’t or couldn’t do something. I am here to educate people. I am here to show people there is another way. It is up to each individual person to act or not act on the information presented. It does not hurt me if someone does not implement something I have taught them. On the other hand, if a person is repeatedly not taking responsibility for their own health and well being, I get to make a choice whether to continue to work with them or not.  I’m not here to take someone’s money, I am here to change lives.  I won’t take money for services that are not being carried out by the person.  This also comes down to my personal integrity and what I am willing to allow or not allow in my life.  I strive to reach the people I can help to change.

The path to wellness is all about personal responsibility. I plant seeds of information. I have established the No Excuses Rule. No one has to justify their actions to me, but respect is always expected. I am merely presenting information and educating people on wellness from the inside out. Everyone is personally responsible for his or her own actions or non-actions. It is never, nor has ever been, about what someone did to you.  It is about what you do to yourself or what you allow to happen in your life.

Personal responsibility and integrity are the hardest things you will ever have to do in life, but they are also the most freeing. With creating your life and personal responsibility comes the knowledge and respect that you are connected to everything. The awareness starts to filter in that what you do to someone or something else also hurts you because we are all connected to each other. The plants, stones and trees, the Earth, animals, and people; we are all connected. If you cannot comprehend that right now, but are on the path of wellness, know that one day you will see and feel all of it clearly. It is almost like seeing the world with more vivid colors.

You will start to believe in beauty instead of the despair. The path of wellness is very much a sacred journey. The next time you go to justify yourself with an excuse, stop yourself and look at what you can do to change the situation for next time.  Offer a heartfelt apology along with a solution. Know that every action is purely your responsibility and your choice and when you are responsible you won’t need excuses. Fix what doesn’t work in your life and teach your children the same principles.

There is a big world out there with so many possibilities.  Do not limit children by teaching them excuses and lack of responsibility. By being the example and showing personal responsibility to your children, and others who may observe you in lines, restaurants, in your car, at work or with your spouse,  you will truly be giving them the gift of a blessed life without limitations.




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