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The Lesson I Learned About Why You Need To Get Naked With Other Women – If You’re A Woman


The Lesson I Learned About Why You Need To Get Naked With Other Women – If You’re A Woman

What is more raw and real than being naked in front of a bunch of strangers?

I’m always seeking out ways to have better health, wealth and harmony. And sometimes I just need to get over myself and my fears.

I found a Korean Spa that loomed larger than life over near the bad side of town. You know the area, where strip clubs, drunken bar goers and ladies of the night are on the street corners. This is the part of town that I often hear 21 year old males asking directions to.

So what was I doing back in this part of town? Part of what I do in my private life is earth remediation. I know, I’m so much fun! <eye roll>

Earth remediation is where I find really unhealthy cell phone towers and power stations and I change the harmonics of them. Now, this probably doesn’t mean much to you, but in terms of your health, it does. I’ll leave it as that for now.

Back to my spa find in the seedy part of town. I was curious. Giant zoo animal statues loomed around this fortress. I was curious so I turned to Google. The Korean Spa turned up on Yelp and I read good review after good review they had me at heated pools, saunas and awesome massages. And then the shocker…. I had to be butt naked.

This is one of the times I had to get over myself so I went. What I found there was a comparison to the boys club.

I got my key to my locker, undressed by the furthest locker I could find, took a deep breath and walked out into the packed pool area. I was instructed I had to take a sitting shower first, which was actually pretty cool although I kept thinking about all the naked butts that had been on that chair without sanitization. I’m not a germ phob but being in the medical industry teaches you a few things to be paranoid about.

After the shower I slipped into one of the heated pools. It was heaven. Women of all ages were there from young girls to elderly women. Everyone was smiling and relaxed. I felt a bonding happening without much conversation. This was a place where women accepted women.

I moved from there to the various pools and then my massage therapist came and got me for my massage and scrub down. Before you mind wanders, they were wearing scrubs.

I positioned myself on the cold, wet massage table and waited for my massage. I’ve never fully relaxed with massages and I expected I would really be uncomfortable, but I wasn’t.  This time was different. I was scrubbed in places I didn’t know was even legal in the United States and then I had the most relaxing massage ever. I didn’t want it to end. I got off the table feeling renewed and my skin was literally glowing.  I decided I didn’t like our politically correct massage regulations.  There was nothing sexual about my experience and I began to dream of running off to Asia for 6 months.

There was a female fraternal bond that had happened at the spa. It is there every time I go back. I realized then the power in community and the power in connecting with other women on a primal level. If you ever have a chance to visit a Korean spa, never let your fears or shyness get in the way of experiencing this needed bond.

Community is important. Having people you can bond with is so important to your success and well being. My blogging is what connects me with my community every day.

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