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The Crash and Burn of the Raw Food Diet Blogs


The Crash and Burn of the Raw Food Diet Blogs

As many things in life, trends seem to sweep the world.  How big the trend is depends on some clever marketing and persistence on the end of the trend setters.  Many raw food diet blogs are dedicated to selling products or are splashed with a different slant than they once had.

I’ve seen the gurus come and go in the raw food diet blogs world.  Many of these raw food gurus would tout that they were 100% raw, but the reality was many of them were not.  And that’s okay.  I think it lent to the demise of the raw food diet blogs though.  Ordinary people tried the raw food diet and couldn’t sustain it over time.  They could not reach the level of the gurus so they simply gave up.

Many of the raw food gurus gave up themselves.  As the trend started to decline, the gurus went in other directions.  Some started to eat cooked vegan or vegetarian foods, some started to promote mostly raw with a small amount of cooked starch, and some just went fully into animal based whole food living.

I applaud them all for being real and keeping their nose to the marketing grindstone to help the people that couldn’t make it fully raw.  As health advocates, we all just want people to live healthier, happier and more vibrant lives and sometimes that means meeting people where they are at.  Reading the raw food diet blogs, you will see even the gurus are on a path of discovery; they go through changes as well.

In 2013, Matt Monarch from the Raw Food World came out and asked for everyone in the raw food world to come together and put the division and egos aside.  I thought it was brilliant and a much needed step to continue to help people on their quest for health.  Some of the raw food leaders responded in support and some did not.  The raw food world is very divided and the leaders can be very militant in their personal form of raw foodism.  Egos flared as personalities and diets were picked apart.  This ran very counterproductive to the goal; helping people become healthier.  This was another nail in the coffin of many raw food diet blogs.

I still am a huge lover of raw food.  You will see more about the raw food diet throughout my site in the coming months.  I think that raw food is one of the best and fastest ways to heal the body and lose weight, especially when the main food staple is fruit.  My own body and mind feels best when I am eating large amounts of fruit.

I’m not a huge advocate of supplements, especially when you can let food be your medicine.  I just don’t think there is a need as long as we are still eating food.  Health issues can be traced back to dietary and lifestyle choices.  In the same way, you can reverse engineer those choices and make your body healthy once again by choosing something different for your diet and lifestyle.  It’s not easy because our culture is so centered around food, and our food has been altered so much that we crave the excitotoxin that exist in much of the food.  It is my opinion that raw food truly is the “magic pill” everyone is looking for.

For the people that cannot sustain the raw food diet year and year or even month after month, it is important to get to a point in your health where you can add in cooked vegan food while keeping your body relatively free of grains, processed food, and processed sugars.  It is easier for many people to be social when they are not strictly on a raw food diet.  It’s better to add food into your raw food diet, than to give up the diet altogether with an all or nothing attitude.

Being able to socialize and enjoy the company that you are with, no matter what the setting, is important and I’m glad the raw foodists have relaxed, embraced, and allowed for alternatives.  No one wants to feel like a failure.  People want to be shown the way and to be held accountable when they fall off track but have the support to quickly rebound and get back on the raw food diet.

While the popularity of the raw food diet blogs may have declined as the gurus moved on, the validity and healing aspects of the raw food diet remain as they always have been.  Use the raw food and fruitarian diet method to heal your body into a state of health and happiness and do not feel ashamed if you need to add in cooked foods as well.

Look for more raw food posts coming soon and keep searching for new raw food diet blogs to keep popping up as newcomers come onto the scene.





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