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The 3 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With Happiness and Health And How to Fix It


The 3 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With Happiness and Health And How to Fix It

Did you know that your happiness and your health are connected?

We all know the impact that stress has on your body.  It causes high blood pressure, heart problems, urinary tract problems, premature aging, and general malaise.  It can even cause death.

Most people don’t even know that they are under stress.  After a time of living with stress, that level of functioning becomes your new normal.  It isn’t until your health starts really declining that you come to understand how much stress you have really been under.

Stress comes in the form of mental, emotional and physical.  Too much stress in any of these areas has a big impact on your health down the road.

Here are 3 ways to fix your happiness and health.

  1. Realize where you are at.  Many people put up with being unhappy. If you are surrounded by people that don’t support you, you are going to feel the strain.  Maybe you have given up what you really wanted in life to have a family or for a steady paycheck.  The reality is that you can continue living your entire life like this and die like this or you can make the changes that bring some happiness into your life.Sit down with a pen and paper and start writing out the areas of your life that are unhappy and then write down what would make you happy.  No matter how far fetched it seems, write it all down.Now look to see where you can start making small adjustments to be happier.  If you feel unsupported, check out local meet ups.  Head online.  Facebook groups are a great way to get support.  Make sure that people in the groups are about inspiration instead of complaining.
  2. Give up the struggle.  I read a book by Byron Katie that changed a lot of how I looked at things.  The book is called Loving What Is.  What the book did for me was take me down the rabbit hole of critical thinking.  I really began to think about my life, who I was and what I wanted for the first time.  I began to pick and choose my battles which helped me greatly.The things in life, like the kids keeping their rooms clean (it never happened no matter what I did) just didn’t really have a big profound impact on me life so I let go of that struggle.  I taught them about cleanliness and the importance and happiness of having everything in order.  It was up to them to actually carry it out.  I couldn’t lead a horse to water… only hope that they changed their ways when they became older.  They did.Sit down and figure out what in life you have been struggling with and out of that, what does not directly impact you that you can let go of.
  3. Eat better.  I know.  This is drummed into us from every angle yet we are bombarded with everything not good for us.  Our emotions say eat junk but our brain says no.  We are in a constant struggle, especially when we are stressed.When we eat junk we are plunged into a downward cycle of bad choices and addictions.  The more bad choices we make, the more bad stuff we want.  It lights up our reptilian brain like the Las Vegas strip.  The worse we eat, the worse we start to feel.  Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine”.  Food can heal and it can make us sick.To easiest way to start feeding your body better is through protein shakes.  The one I recommend to people is Almased.  It is one of the best tasting shakes and has nothing in it that is bad.Start with 2 shakes a day.  You can add cinnamon, vanilla, berries, a banana or even a couple of dates to your shake.  Do not add any other sweeteners.  Dates and bananas will sweeten it naturally.  Dates are a good source of iron and will give you energy.  Bananas will give you sustenance and keep you from feeling hungry.Choose a shake for breakfast and another shake for lunch or drink one right before dinner.  After a few days, this will start your brain finding healthier solutions.

Take these 3 suggestions and implement them into your life.  You will see how quickly your life will change once you begin applying them.


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