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15 Seconds Is All It Takes For Success



15 Seconds Is All It Takes For Success

Do you really believe that success can happen in 15 seconds?

It can.  It did for me and it can for you too.

Having a road to success map could mean the difference between failure and success.  Have you ever wondered where the negative tape in your thinking comes from?  After all, the reality is that what is being said isn’t even true.

Is it really true that no one loves you?  Is it really true that you are too old to do something?  Is it really true that you will never find the love you want?  Is it really true that you are not smart enough because you didn’t go to college?  Fill in the blank as to what you tape tells you.

The actual reality is no, none of that is really true.  But when you feel bad enough you are inclined to agree with the lies because well, misery loves company.  It’s sort of your way of saying, “f-it!  I’m throwing in the towel! I don’t care anymore.  It’s too hard.”

We all have an inner ruffian.  There are many thoughts as to what this inner ruffian really is, and that’s for another post, but the reality is that most people have lost control of their thinking to this ruffian and they have no idea they have been hijacked! If you do not have the success you want in all areas of your life, you inner ruffian is controlling parts of your thinking and it is disrupting your success.

By accident and by desire you should be creating the life you want.

Here is a 15 second technique to gain back control of your thinking and put that inner ruffian in his or her place!

I want you to think of one of the happiest times in your life.  This is a time where you felt utterly blissful and completely pleasurable.

Now when you have it, grab a stopwatch (which can usually be found on your smart phone or even a watch with a second hand works).  I want you to hold that memory for 15 seconds.  Anytime your mind wanders to something else, even if it is an itch or anything else other than that exact memory, start over.

Continue on until you can do the 15 seconds uninterrupted.  Set aside 15 seconds out of every hour and every time you have some idle time.  The more you do this, the more you take back control.

Here is the first thing you will notice after you complete your 15 seconds successfully.  You will feel completely at peace, happy and content.  This is what being empowered feels like.

The more you do this, the more success will come rushing towards you.  

The zen buddhist have a similar technique where they count down to zero.  Starting with 5 and counting down, it took me almost a full 24 hours of constant trying the first time to complete it successfully.  The idea was to reach that place where no thoughts occur and you can hold it.  This is you having control over your thinking and your success.

No wonder my stay at the Buddhist temple resulted in such miraculous changes in my life in such a short amount of time.  This was my road to success and it blew me away at how my world conspired to give me exactly what I wanted.

Try it.  Do it with consistency.  And if you aren’t doing it, you should probably question why you aren’t doing a technique so simple and so powerful.

What was your experience with your first 15 seconds?

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