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Supplements: Good or Bad?


Supplements: Good or Bad?

You may not be aware that I am not an advocate of mass supplementation. When I hear someone tell another person that they need to take calcium just because they are over 40 or because they smoke, I just shake my head. I do not think the general population of wellness practitioners are out to intentionally harm you, but they are unknowingly doing just that.

It amazes me how many people are too high in calcium. The problem is not calcium, the problem is the acidity of your blood. When your body is too acidic, calcium (which is alkaline) will be leeched out of your bones in an effort to vanquish the fire of the acidic state your body is in. No matter how much calcium you take, if your body is too acidic, then calcium supplementation will be futile.

There are different degrees of bio-availability and purity in supplements. Bio-available means something your body can recognize and use. Most supplements have toxic tag-alongs, fillers, and excipients. These are added in order to promote shelf life, increase quantity, or make the supplement flow through the machines in processing. Whatever calcium you are taking into your body may not be right for your body. We are not a one-size-fits-all community. Our bodies are individual.

Another aspect to think about is Isolation. Everything is created having multiple processes and activities. Everything in our body depends on everything else. Our heart needs our liver and kidneys to function completely. An active ingredient in a plant is only active because of all the processes going on. We are a complex computer, as is all of life. When we isolate a substance, say calcium from coral, we are taking the power away. Science has proven an isolated heart can beat outside of the body, but there is no way an isolated heart can perform all the vital nuances and functions of a heart inside the body.

Most people cannot even utilize calcium without having adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 in their diet. If the calcium that you are taking cannot be utilized by your body, your body throws that calcium in your arteries and tissues without you ever knowing it. Your hair and nails become dry and brittle and your bones are affected as well. A bone density test may even say you need more calcium, but you really do not need MORE calcium, you need the RIGHT calcium (and D3) for your body. Because your body is not utilizing the calcium you are taking, your body pulls the reserved calcium from your bones and teeth. The more your bones moan and groan, the more calcium you think you need. Unaware of what is going on, this supplementation is quickly leading to more problems.

A mineral or vitamin may seem harmless, but once it gets into your body in mass doses or with regularity, it may become harmful.

Remember that we do receive vitamins and minerals from the simple source of our food. Not to mention that our food is very often “enriched” with added nutrients. You could very well be slowly poisoning yourself by mass supplementing.

Every vitamin, mineral, or herb has either a yin or yang, acid or alkaline, component to it. It is the yin or yang value of the supplements that can correct an imbalance. If you are mass supplementing yourself, chances are you are mixing the yin and yang expressions in your supplements, causing them to cancel out their total benefits. Feed your body what it needs, not what it doesn’t.

Correcting an overtaxed, imbalanced system that we have damaged over years can take about a year or longer depending on the condition of your body. Damage occurs from our thoughts and emotions, the wrong food for our individual bodies, electropollution, toxic chemicals in our air, food and water, and a myriad of other factors. Healing and rebalancing are not a fast process but the following things can speed the process up:

  • detoxification
  • therapies that are appropriate for you
  • healthy eating designed for YOUR body
  • addressing your subconscious and conscious thoughts

On this journey you will find the sacredness of You. The feeling is not anything I can explain because it is a gentle shift within you and every one experiences it differently. The sacredness of cleansing and rebuilding your body is found individually by each person, in their own time. This sacredness changes detoxifying and healthy living from a chore into a gift. It is an amazing ride if you are serious about reclaiming your wellness and vitality.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci.
“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius.
“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein.
“Out of intense complexities intense simplicities emerge.” Winston Churchill.





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