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Stop Restless Leg Syndrome


Stop Restless Leg Syndrome

The Spiritual Approach on how to stop Restless Leg Syndrome.

stop restless leg syndromeBeing in the medical and wellness fields I have had the chance to see that medicine or even wellness really cannot explain the maladies that inflict many people.  Combining my faith and spirituality with the medical and wellness field finally offered answers and insights into what is going on in the human body.

We are physical and spiritual beings.  Our body is both electric and magnetic.  We are made up of light and pure potential on the cellular level and beyond.  There are too many medical miracles out there to dismiss the importance of the Spirit in overall health.

Emotions come about because there is a discord in the spirit.  Thanks to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Psychiatry I know what an impact emotions have on the physical body.  Seemingly non-tangible emotions create physical maladies that too many humans and domesticated pets suffer from.

I’ve had a recent spiritual introduction into restless leg syndrome.  There is nothing that I can say that I know as an absolute, either in physical or spirit.  I do know when talking about the Spirit or intangible realms, that there is way more going on than we know.

I am all about harmony.  My life has been about harmony and my work over the past several years has been very focused on harmonics.  We are in discord when we are not in harmony.  We can be out of harmony with people, with our surroundings or even with our selves.  I have had the privilege of having a personal relationship that is a struggle at times.  There are many times we are out of resonance.

After learning the news that the baby I was carrying was going to die from a genetic disorder, we dealt with our fears and grief differently.  Instead of harmonizing together, we became very out of sync.  That is the time my restless leg syndrome started.  I noticed that when I would get up out of bed, the restlessness would stop.  Sometimes, it was so strong, just going to another room was not enough, I had to leave the house to make it stop.  Interestingly, I could sleep just fine when I did that.  We were out of harmony and my spirit was pushing me to get up and move away.  The message was so strong I was having physical sensations.

After much work, my relationship was back in harmony and the restless leg syndrome went away.

Fast forward 8 months and I found that my relationship had once again went through a dramatic change and we were out of harmony.  My restless leg syndrome was back.  I believe that our spirit will protect us.  It will let us know either loudly or quietly what is good for us or bad for us.  I believe that we are sent messages all the time.  When we fail to hear, trust, or follow our spirit, our spirit uses louder ways to make us hear.  This is where malady and disease comes in.  I do not believe we have diseases of the physical; only diseases of rejecting the spirit.

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