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Revealed: Secret Guide to Fast Success By Crafting Your Life


Revealed: Secret Guide to Fast Success By Crafting Your Life

Have you ever felt that you were worth so much more than the life you are living?
I know I’ve felt this way.  I have struggled.  I knew there was more inside me and I couldn’t figure out how to get to it.  I lived a mediocre life and being mediocre sucks.  Being mediocre brought me depression, bad relationships, weight gain, a lot of negative self talk and just a general unhappiness in my life.  It never feels good to be uncomfortable in your life.
Even though everybody is unique in their own way, there are many similarities between people. At least half of these similarities keep people from being great. Here are a few of the speed bump type of similarities.
It’s Not About Money
When entrepreneurs first are starting out, they want money so bad.  They dream of making a lot of money and years later, they are still in the same position of wanting a lot of money.
The truth is, entrepreneurship should never be about the money.  The main focus should always be about desire.
This is one of the main things I learned in business and from studying the people that have went on to do great things in history.  Many millionaires may have started out doing something for the money but quickly changed their perspective.  Once their perspective changed, money started to flow in.
The Universe works under very definite and specific laws.  You won’t get what you chase, but you will get what you believe you already have.  Now before you think this is just another post on the law of attraction, let me explain that money is an energy and energy attracts other energies to it.
You attract money through what it represents, not on the actual focus on it.  In our modern world, money is given in exchange for something of value.  If you give value, you get money.  The more value you give, the more money you get.  If you switch your goal to wanting to give value and outdoing yourself each and every time, money will begin to flow.
Successful entrepreneurs focus on helping people.  Your focus should be getting your information or product in front of as many people as possible because you know that what you are offering can change lives.  The more lives that are touched by you, the more money you will have.  This will challenge you to start living as big as you can. You see, it has little to do with money.
Blogging is a great way to extend your reach far and wide.  This is why you are told you need a blog when you first enter the internet marketing world.  This is your home on the internet and you don’t have a business if you don’t have a home.  Your life, your experiences, and your knowledge is all unique.  No one else can show up to the world with your exact information like you can.
Why Failure Works For You
Your comfort zone is your failure zone.  Your failure zone is actually where all the magic happens.  In our modern society we tend to think of failure as bad but actually, failures are really good.  Instead of failures being a step back, they are actually a step forward.
Think of failure like learning how to ride a bike.  Every time you fall off the bike and get back on it, you become more skilled and closer to your goal of actually riding.  If you give up the first (or 50th) time you fall, you will never reach your goal.
Failure also helps to define and really drill down what it is that you want and the direction you are going in.  Failure gives you a straighter road to walk on.  You will never get where you want to be by staying inside your comfort zone.  Once you step out into that failure zone and take that risk, that’s where your dreams come true.
Everything Works For You
Are you ready for another shocking truth?  Nothing has happened to you, it has happened for you. I know that there are some situations in life that are so difficult that you can’t imagine that they’re actually working for you. The fact is that we live on a planet of duality and where you can find bad, you can always find good and vice a versa.   It’s up to you to actually look at the situation and see the good that came out of it.
It took me years in a couple of my situations where I was actually able to see the good that came out of those times.  I now look for the good while the situation is happening instead of waiting for hindsight.  I can tell you this, in looking for the good while the situation is happening, actually makes the situation dissolve out of my life pretty quickly.
Take The Challenge
Something else that’s important to note, when you’re in the midst of a situation, do not call it a problem.  Problems don’t have solutions. Challenges always have solutions and are temporary.  Your brain is hardwired to solve challenges as quickly as possible.  When there is a challenge, your brain will automatically go to work to come up with a solution.  A slight change in your vocabulary produces much easier and faster results.
Stop Talking Dirty
Another commonality in people is the way that they talk to themselves.  If you are like most people your mind focuses on the negative.  It tells you about all your limitations and the things you can’t do, aren’t or shouldn’t do.  It compares you to others.  Tells you to wait and not take risks.  It tells you you aren’t good enough yet.  It tells you this so often that it is like a tape that plays on loop in you head.
The most important thing you can do for yourself is to stop talking dirty to yourself.   You need to be your own greatest champion and cheerleader.  You need to unwaveringly see your own greatness, your own potential, and stop focusing on your past failures or things people have told you because none of that really matters. What matters is what you say to yourself every second of every day.  Do not dwell on anything that does not get you where you want to be.
The Addiction
Another thing that I notice about people is their addiction to disappointment.  Once I realized I had an addiction to disappointment a lot really changed my life. I just did not want to feel that way anymore.
It put pressure on the people around me and left me dwelling in a place I didn’t want to be.  I didn’t understand why I was always disappointed in certain people around me and it wasn’t until I heard the phrase “addiction to disappointment” that I really had to look at myself and truth.
I’m pretty much a go cold turkey type of person so when I make up my mind to do something I just jump in and do it. I didn’t slowly ease into giving up that addiction.  I made the commitment to give it up and it was done.
The Secret Keys To Dealing With People
Sometimes dealing with people is really easy and sometimes it’s really difficult.  There is definitely a craft to dealing with people that anybody can learn.
#1.  Here is the number one secret to not only avoiding disappointment but to have people love you by not imposing your expectations on them; stop listening to what people say and watch what they do.
The reality is that most people walk around in denial.  They don’t want to see the truth. They think that they are one way but in the actuality, they can be the complete opposite.
It’s very important to hone your awareness and really listen to people. Don’t be swayed by what you want to hear in people’s words.  Instead, watch what they do because that is the most important part of communication.  Actions speak louder than any words.
This also applies to you too. Pay attention and make sure that your actions are matching your words.  In fact, talk very little, have way more action than words.
#2. Always listen below the surface because often times people don’t know what it is that they truly want, but it can often be found in the unspoken.  You’ve probably heard that phrase, “read between the lines” and when someone is speaking, you really need to listen below the surface. It’s the same concept.
When you are listening to someone, you need to figure out what someone truly means because often times they don’t know. It’s up to you to be able to really extract out what someone needs give them what it is that they truly desire.
Taking these specific areas and putting them into action will change your life in a great way.  Everything is interconnected and what works in business, works in your personal life and will work with your health.  The common denominator in it all is you.  This is all about giving you the tools to craft your life the way you want it; in all areas.
What did you learn from this article that you can apply right away?  Are there other tips that I didn’t cover in this article that you can offer readers to help move them from where they are to where they want to be?

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