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Programing in a World of Illusion


Programing in a World of Illusion

The struggle between darkness and light pervades the entire earth and the results are easily seen when you look for them. Darkness will use any tool possible to gain an advantage, with destruction as the final goal. And one of the most powerful tools of the Dark Forces is remaining camouflaged by hiding in plain sight.

And here is the all-too-simple conclusion: Either you program yourself or someone else will program you.

By working on and developing your focus, you can increase your awareness, assist in powerful healings, and provide all the necessities of life all while increasing your connection to creation on all three levels of flesh, force, and spirit – just to name a few.

By not putting in conscious effort on where your focus goes, you have abdicated responsibility for what comes into your awareness. You have given up the choice about where your energy will go. You have given the dark forces direct access to the ‘magic wand’ (which is your mind) and handed over control.

All day, every day, we are bombarded with messages that slip into our subconscious and affect our thoughts, our actions, and our physical well-being. Advertising has developed into sophisticated manipulation of our emotions through all the senses. Movies, television, newspapers, magazines – all forms of media – cleverly manipulate any available mind to move into the herd. Yes, it is right there in front of our faces, hiding in plain sight… a ‘normal’ part of everyday life in the world of illusion.

We are guided to act in a certain way, to think in a certain way, to conform and to be “normal.”

Does this sound a bit melodramatic? Maybe, but think about this for a moment: If you do not take responsibility for the focus of your magic wand – your mind – then that responsibility is gladly grabbed by all the forces that are competing for your thoughts. Our minds and thoughts naturally move toward anything that catches our attention. And the whole world is set up to catch the attention of an idle mind and manipulate it to buy, or consume, or to think a certain way. By manipulating a mind into the herd at any level, the darkness increases its power and control.

And here is the real kicker – by abdicating responsibility for the focus and attention of your flesh, force, and spirit, you have eliminated the possibility of spiritual growth.

The world out there is a world of illusion, a world of deceit and greed. Love for the Creator, for our Earth Mother and all her creatures, or even love and care for each other is harder and harder to find. But yet the media tells us it is going to be OK, the stock market will recover, and we’ll all be rich and comfortable. Our emotions rise and fall with the latest score of our favorite sports team. We sink into the couch each week to follow the path of the next American Idol. But by getting sucked into this illusion, by allowing the programming of the world to enter your being and direct your thoughts and emotions, you are pulled further and further away from the realm of the Spirit.

The realm of the Spirit is not concerned with the things that the world of illusion would have us believe are important. Spiritual growth comes from incorporating peace, love, joy, and purpose into your being, and then spreading those out into the world around you.

The choice is simple: Either allow yourself to be drawn into the world of illusion with all of the programming that comes along with it, or grab responsibility for the many gifts the Creator has given and continue to develop your focus to enhance your skills, your mind, and your spiritual growth.

EXERCISE: For the next 24 hours, pay close attention to when you are exposed to any attempt to capture or manipulate your thoughts, emotions, or actions and pull you away from spiritual growth. Then, continue to maintain awareness of the struggle to gain control of your thoughts and emotions.

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