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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong


Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Have you ever looked at someone that is addicted to plastic surgery? You often think they are a good example of plastic surgery gone wrong. People often comment on how Hollywood is a shining example of plastic surgery gone wrong. But plastic surgery gone wrong may not be because of an unskilled or unprofessional doctor, but may be because of the revolution in society of the quest for perfection.

In the era of reduced spending, there are some areas people continue to spend. Plastic Surgery is one of those areas. Surgical treatments such as plastic surgery for flatter abs and body contouring are on the rise. As Americans, we are on the eternal search for perfection. I was reading one blog where the blogger likened our thirst for cosmetic enhancements to genital mutilation, except we do it voluntarily.

I have worked on Hollywood stars. So many Hollywood women are very distorted by plastic surgery; it HAS become self mutilation. Even worse, their altered self has become our standard to live up to. There is enough of a portion of society that believes that the plastic surgery-gone-wrong look is the beauty standard. Botox to the extreme and over-plumped lips are just the beginning. Even in Hollywood’s altered perfection, magazines still Photoshop pictures. I can personally tell you that what you see on TV, in movies, or in print is NOT what these women look like. What we see is a mirage that Hollywood has created. Something that appears real but really is not.

Women grew up playing with the unrealistic plastic Barbie doll. We all thought she was beautiful with her not-humanly-possible curves and platinum blonde hair. That became our standard of beauty. Males teach us early and late in life that our natural figure is not attractive enough. The majority of women stress about gaining weight during pregnancy instead of just enjoying that very sacred time of nurturing their bodies as they provide and nourish a new growing life. Women quest for the perfect face and body never expecting that they may slowly evolve into the plastic surgery-gone-wrong category. What we see in the mirror is usually different from how other people see us. I call this looking into a fun mirror. We have illusions, both good and bad, about ourselves. This is the very reason why people cannot see that they have aged or that their plastic surgery has gone wrong.

Living in Central America, there are plenty of stray dogs around. Mostly I see female dogs. I look at them and notice their droopy, misshaped boobies from having and feeding so many puppies. They could care less about their sagging physical appearance. And somewhere in there, humans were said to be the superior species?! We care too much about what does not matter in the truth of life, and we care too little about what does matter in the truth of life.

Where can our endless search for perfection take us? How has our vision of beauty become so skewed? Do we alter and mutilate ourselves so much that we no longer look human and call that the new standard of beauty? What are we doing to our physical health by inducing so much trauma just to live up to an unnatural and unhealthy standard?

In my field, I am trained to work with traumas. People innocently assume that plastic surgery is without lifelong risks and damage, if they do not fall into the category of plastic surgery gone wrong. The fact is, burning, bruising, or cutting the body creates interference fields which eventually reflect to specific organs and cause damage to the meridian system. The meridian system nourishes your body and organs with vital energy. Years later, health problems arise that can be traced back to the traumas of plastic surgery enhancements years or even decades before.

I’m not saying women should not have plastic surgery.  What I am saying is we need to know where the cut-off is in our quest for perfection. We need to clearly define that for ourselves and for society. We need a healthier societal image of and for women.

If you are considering plastic surgery, from a health and wellness point of view, know the risks and arm yourself with the information I provide that is needed to clear interference fields and reduce the impact of those traumas on the body.

From the emotional point of view, use plastic surgery in moderation. Beauty truly does come from the inside. When the image of women changes in society so will how we feel about ourselves. Don’t be another statistic for plastic surgery gone wrong.

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    1. The silent long term effects are what I see the most. Interference fields caused by trauma are the number one health concern. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it!

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