Opening the Heart After Death

Five days after the death of Malana I wrote that time would tell as to how her life and death has impacted my life. This Sunday will mark 40 days from her death and her influence is starting to shine.

I felt my heart open in new ways to the people around me. Something that was so painful and personal became an inspiration. A new project was born. Love has always been a focus of mine. I have always lived through my heart. Through the years, many people asked me to explain unconditional love. I watched people shut down their heart because of personal pain and the fear of being hurt again.

Through all my pain and grieving, I was surprised to find that I began to love even more openly. The healing that came from loving more was incredible and very unexpected. All the years of working with emotional release with my clients in clinic began to flow into a book form. I finally understood how to take a great tragedy and turn it into a blessing. I found the road from grief to love.

The new book is titled, How To Love. This book will be the new survival guide to healing through love. For sneak peeks into my book and release dates click here.

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  1. Katherine March 25, 2010