January 16

Obamacare News and the Silver Lining


Obamacare News and the Silver Lining

The New Year, and Obamacare news, has brought about quite a few surprises for people on the health care front.  I personally know someone that requested insurance quotes for himself and his 4 children.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield returned the best quote at just under $800 a month and this was with a high-deductible plan.  Only five years ago he paid a little over $200 for that same insurance plan.

People that signed up with Obamacare are learning they are not faring much better.  Another friend told me a story of an Obamacare news surprise that I will recount here because it is the catalyst for several upcoming articles.

Just after the New Year, my friend was standing in line to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy.  As she was waiting in line, she overheard a conversation by a man and the pharmacy tech checking him out.  His prescription came to $160.  He asked what happened because he normally pays $40 for that same medicine.  The tech replied that with his Obama Care, he now has a deductible on his prescriptions.  He stood with prescription in hand and slowly handed it back to the tech saying that his kids needed food more than he needed his high blood pressure meds.  The tech turned around and added it to a shopping cart behind the counter.

When my friend was at the head of the line, she looked at the cart and saw that it was almost overflowing with returned prescriptions.  She commented on this and the tech told her that amount was just from lunch time.  It was only 3:00 PM when my friend was standing in line.  It is very sad that people have to turn down their medicines because of a surprise clause they were not aware of in their health care plan.

For non-critical diseases and disorders, I look at this with a silver lining.  If people cannot afford their prescriptions, they will have to search out other ways to manage their health and well-being.  For the man that returned his prescriptions, he will have to look for other ways to manage his high blood pressure.

For too long, most people have relied on taking a magic pill but never changing the root cause of their affliction, which is diet and lifestyle.  There has always been a pill available that allowed people to continue to have bad habits.  Maybe this new clause in Obamacare news will actually help people become healthier and live a better life.

I am dedicating the next several posts to explaining alternative ways to manage your health without having to take big pharma drugs.

Let 2014 be dedicated to a new and healthier you with or without the rules associated with the Obamacare news.





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