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Natural Mosquito Repellent from Vitamins & Oils


Natural Mosquito Repellent from Vitamins & Oils

Living in Central America, I am learning a thing or two about mosquitoes and natural mosquito repellent. When I was living in the States, I mixed various recipes or bought mosquito repellent made from different organic oils or plants from health food stores. Now that I am living in an area known for Malaria, an EFFECTIVE mosquito shield, hopefully natural, is my main focus.

I do not like to be sticky. While Avon Skin So Soft or other lotions and sprays can be an effective mosquito repellent, I do not like something sitting on my skin when I am already hot and sticky. Plus, I am not a good re-applier of bug stuff when I am busy or having fun.


The season is quickly approaching many places in the world where mosquitoes will be at an all time high. Here, it is the rainy season so I am starting to see more and more mosquitoes.

I look for a natural repellent because I do not like the health risks of the chemicals which are KNOWN cancer-causing agents in many of the commercial mosquito repellents, with DEET being the worst. While they may be fine when used once or twice, the build-up over time can affect the body. You never know the tipping point for each individual body until it is too late. Children have such small bodies so they are much more sensitive to toxic chemicals. Why would we want to load our kid’s organs down so early in life with extra toxins and chemicals?

After taking several classes on nutrition, I learned WHY mosquitoes bite some people and not others. Have you ever known someone to be the only one in the group that is constantly swarmed by mosquitoes while everyone else is doing fine? Are you one of these people?

My mother is diabetic and takes insulin shots. She acquired her insulin-dependent diabetes later in life. Pre-diabetes, she was always bitten. After she took the insulin injections, mosquitoes never bothered her again. She told me her doctor said that mosquitoes do not like the insulin. This began my interest in what is going on in the body that either attracts mosquitoes or repels them.

The answer for an effective natural mosquito repellent lies within the balance of the body. This is also widely-known knowledge down here in Central America. If your body is deficient in the B Vitamins and Vitamin C, you will attract mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes use thermal, olfactory and visual clues to attack their next victim. The primary sense that mosquitoes use to find a person to bite is olfactory, the sense of smell. They have a sense of smell that is so super sensitive, you can call it bionic smelling. The B vitamins, Vitamin C, and garlic make you very unattractive to the mosquito.

You will need to take Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6; both will be 50mg 3 times a day. B12 will be 5,000 mcg (or 5 mg) a day. You will also need to take Vitamin C 1000 mg 6 times per day or divide that amount into 2 times a day. Say you are taking 6,000 mg a day. Take 3,000 mg in the morning and 3,000 mg at night. You will want the ascorbate form of vitamin C, not ascorbic acid.

If you cannot find ascorbate Vitamin C, simply make your own! Take your 3,000 mg ascorbic acid Vitamin C tablets and add it to water. To that, add 1/4 teaspoon aluminum free baking soda.  (The brand I use is Bob’s Red Mill and it can be found at health food stores or in the organic sections of many regular grocery stores.)  This will fizz like alka seltzer. You can drink it while it is fizzing or wait a couple of minutes.  Do not let it sit longer than this.

You will also want to include garlic. Every night before bed, take garlic pills or for the best option, blend 2 cloves of garlic in a little pure water and drink. If you cut the garlic in half lengthwise and remove that long center strip, this will prevent that garlic smell that people can smell on you after you eat Italian food.

Coconut oil is also a natural deterrent. When I get out of the shower every morning, I rub coconut oil into my skin. This provides my skin with natural essential fatty acids that softens and smoothes my skin while having great anti-aging properties. Coconut oil quickly absorbs into your skin.

The Break Down:

  • Coconut oil- Rub on your skin after shower every morning.
  • B1- Take 50 mg 3 times a day.
  • B6- Take 50 mg 3 times a day.
  • B12- Take 5,000 mcg (or 5 mg) 1 time a day.
  • Vitamin C- Take 6,000 mg of ascorbate
  • Garlic- Take a couple of cloves before bed every night.

You will have to do this for several weeks before this natural mosquito repellent makes a pronounced difference. A couple of weeks is needed to saturate your tissues depending on your level of deficiency. Keep taking this natural mosquito repellent because your body needs these vitamins anyway. Like anything else, it only works if used as directed. But you know what? With this natural mosquito repellent program you also get a ton of health benefits that will enrich your life, energy, and vitality.

Why rub something toxic on your skin, when you can have a natural mosquito repellent right inside your very own body?

Some Side Notes:

If you do get a mosquito bite and it is is driving you crazy, go ahead and buy some generic aspirin.  Wet it well with water and rub it on the bite. Not only will the itch stop but the mosquito bite will quickly go away.

Central Americans avoid sugar and bananas before going out in the rain forest or jungle.

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