​​​​Natural Health and Wellness in a Troubled World

Pick your troubles and know that you are not alone. The world is a troubled place. The scale has been tipped too much to natural health in a troubled worldthe side of greed and destruction. We are beginning to see things fall apart. We are faced with new worries of terrorism, Ebola and other health scares, growing concern about the ravaging effect of the weather and natural resources running dry, as well as the hundreds of thousands of toxic chemicals we are faced with every day.

If you’ve surfed Facebook or the internet you may have noticed the information about chemtrails, EMF sickness, constitutional suspension, harm by vaccines, and CDC cover-ups. We definitely are not in a shortage of worries.

What Can Be Done?

Let’s say that you can’t change what is happening in the world, what would make life more pleasurable for you to be living in this time and age? What do you need to feel safe in a time of uncertainty?

Everyone has a few core needs that make the hard times much easier when these needs are met. Many people want good health, plenty of wealth and wonderful relationships where people are a support system. I am going to share a secret with you; all of these things are interconnected. If even one of those is a struggle for you, it has an impact on everything. The good news is that you have control over all of these areas for your own life.

Once you start making changes and heading in a more positive direction in any or all of these areas, the Universe will show up and meet you half way. This means that you have to make changes and act on those changes for new and better circumstances to come into your life.

Things You Can Do Today

    • Whatever your health issues, you can begin to address them naturally. Many people find that nature cures end up making their body stronger.
    • Protect yourself from potential threats.  Prevention is the key and is one of the most overlooked areas in our society.  We are so used to be protected that we think something just won’t happen to us.  This cannot be further than the truth.  It’s better to look silly taking preventative measures than dealing with serious health issues later because you did not protect yourself or your family.
    • Detoxification is a huge part of reclaiming fantastic health. You’ve got to move the bad out so the good can take over.
    • This area of my website addresses many health issues and offers you natural solutions and natural cures. I receive many emails about the success of these natural cures.
      • Here’s one from Tomas, “It’s amazing the scab came off today and the skin’s fine..tiny fine lines barely visible….CLOSE…. Thank you Kelly…everything you’ve ever showed me has worked wonders..I don’t know how I can even repay you. GOD BLESS YOU” 
      • Here is another one from Pierre, “Excellent, unexpected information. I have familiarized myself with TCM and natural healing herbs and appreciate the wealth of information although many different directions. Your information is excellent common sense methods and simple that I have not found. p.s. the concoction is still making strides in so little time. Awesome recommendations on the baking soda/limes advice.”

Natural Health and Wellness is available to you. If you want to keep healthy, there are several preventative posts in this section as well, like how to keep your body strong so you don’t get Ebola or natural mosquito repellant.

Set aside some time, gather up your juice or smoothie, and take the time to read through the articles in this section.  I am always an email away.

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