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Part of my expertise is offering advice on Natural Beauty and Wellness from the outside in.Worker With Airbrush Gun

It’s very common for people to overlook their skin unless they are having skin issues. Most people are concerned about what they put in their body but few people realize the impact that what they put on their skin can affect their health and well being.

When you look at magazines, movies or television, you will commonly see women that are botoxed, filled, airbrushed and Photoshopped to a strange perfection.

I’ve worked on the skin of some Hollywood Stars and what you see on camera or in print is nothing like they look in person au naturel. The pressure to not show age takes its toll in the distortion of beauty.

We are shown that beauty should be an unrealistic perfection. The sad part is that the women that are the very face of this beauty distortion do not even look like perfection themselves.

As much as I want to say, and firmly believe, beauty is way more than skin deep that will not stop women from trying to emulate a certain impossible beauty standard they see.

I’m not against women or men doing what they can to fight the harsher signs of aging, I am against the distortion of beauty, especially for our young girls because beauty is way more than fillers and Botox.

Simple Ways to Age Beautifully

Do you want to know how you can age beautifully? Cleanse your body. Focus on the health and well being on your body and happiness. It is amazing how much detoxifying the body, eating natural foods, and being happy can turn back any harsh signs of aging. If you look at a person that has been juice feasting or on a raw food diet, they glow. They are beautiful regardless of a beauty standard set up by society.

Begin by detoxing your skin. Take a break from all the toxic chemicals in your skin and hair care and grab some natural beauty products that will help your skin begin to function properly again.

Here are some starting facts about the skin, hair and beauty products we use every day:chemcials in beauty

  • The US is way behind other countries in banning toxic and harmful carcinogens fund in natural beauty products from cleansers, to moisturizers and sunscreens, to make-up. In a study of 1,000 toxic chemicals banned in the EU, the USA has banned a mere 9 of them!
  • The new buzz word is nano-particles. This may be great for the cosmetic industry but it is bad news to us. The products are smaller; more readily absorbed into your bloodstream and are much stronger than the chemicals of 10 years ago.
  • Do your products have an expiration date? If they do, what is it? If the expiration date is far off, imagine all of the chemicals that have been added to it to make it shelf stable for a loooong time. Yikes!
  • A truth in advertising expose was done and the public was alerted that the terms natural, organic, and herbal in natural beauty care means little because the terms are not regulated.
  • Sunscreens are a major source of carcinogens, with the natural ones not fairing much better than their regular counterparts. Did you know that zinc oxide and titanium oxide found in “natural” sunscreens are actually toxic? What’s worse is that these are often found in baby’s skin care as well.Studies show that skin cancer may not be related to the sun after all. It has actually been shown to be caused by various carcinogens found in sunscreen.
  • Deodorant is something that most women and men wear every day. In fact, kid’s as early as 12 start with daily deodorant applications. For women, shaving their underarms takes off a few layers of skin. Once the top layers of skin have been removed, products always penetrate much better. Women, shave in the shower, step out and apply deodorant. The chemicals in the deodorant travel to very important lymph nodes in the armpits and congest them and also circulate through your body.Aluminum, which is a common ingredient in deodorant, has been shown to be in the brains of people that have Alzheimer’s.

Here is a powerful site that will give you the carcinogens in your beauty products: http://safecosmetics.org/

Where to Turn

I love natural skin and natural hair care, but finding effective brands has been a journey. I am like everyone else; I want to look the best I possibly can. I want to be as healthy as I can be. I’ve uncovered homemade skin care recipes that work as well as Natural brands that are so pure, you can eat them.

This area of my website is devoted to bring you the best, as well as the latest and greatest in natural beauty. I have worked with clients that were die-hard, brand name fans that almost had a cultish addiction to their favorite skin care. Over time, they slowly went natural and the obsession for their cult brands became a thing of the past. They couldn’t believe natural products could even be better than high priced, highly marketed beauty products.

Gain the confidence to love your natural beauty self:  confidence and natural beauty is the new Photoshop!

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