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Mayan 2012: The End, a Beginning, or Something Else?


Mayan 2012: The End, a Beginning, or Something Else?

mayan_calendarMany people wonder what the Mayan December 2012 date will bring. Some people believe this will be the end of the world because they believe this is where the Mayan calendar ends. Some people believe there will be a great ascension and spiritual enlightenment that will occur, and yet others believe the date is total hocus pocus.

There have been many misinterpretations and mistranslations of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar does not end on December 21, 2012. What does end is a long 5,200 year cycle. Each 5,200 year cycle is broken up into smaller 400 year patterns and yet again smaller cycles within those 400 years. A new 5,200 year cycle begins on December 21, 2012. The next 400 years, within the 5,200 cycle, is the one that offers the most hope to human kind. This next coming cycle is when the Job Ajaw or the 5th Sun occurs.

Job Ajaw begins a time of peace, harmony, and understanding. In the past, both male and female energies have found a rise in power over the other and have been dominant at different times. The Job Ajaw brings a harmony and equality to male and female energies. Both male and females will experience equality with the other gender.

The thought that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus will no longer apply. Each gender will be able to communicate and understand the other. We will be more similar than different in thought and spirit. But to reach this period of peace, harmony, and understanding there needs to be a breakdown and purification of the illusion; of the old ways.

September 22, 2010 marks the end of the time known as The Purification. The Purification was defined with plagues, resistant health issues, natural disasters, and the downfall of corruption on a large level. The time frame from September 23, 2010 to December 20, 2012 is known as The Definition. The Definition is where we, as humans, need to put our focus. There is an urgency to change before this time comes to pass. This will be the time that a great amount of the population will die off if we cannot change how we act and think. I rarely tell people what they need with so much certainty. I believe we all walk individual paths, but we are in a time where individuality needs to be replaced with a focus on the whole.

We all need to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and for all life on this planet. We need to love and nurture each other, no matter how different we are. We need to recognize that the planet we live on is a living, spiritual being. We need to seek truth, love, and unity no matter how much that collides with everything we have known to be true because of the illusion we live in. If we remain selfish, uncaring, polarized, and self-absorbed there will not be a great number of us that will live to experience the Job Ajaw.

The people that do not move fully and unreserved towards enlightenment, unity, and peace will be part of the old illusion that gets wiped away to make room for the new. People can no longer walk with one foot in the spiritual realm and one foot in the world of illusion and lies.  A time of decision has come and people need to take responsibility for their choice.

Time and energy overlap. The Job Ajaw is starting to be felt now as we are also feeling the destruction of The Purification and The Definition. Just as December 21, 2012 will usher in a new era, we will still feel the effects of The Definition as the energies overlap. The energy of The Definition will become less as the unity, harmony, understanding, and peace begin to strengthen and become more prominent. December 21, 2012 marks the point where the scales tip to the side of spiritual grace and a new way of thinking and acting.

The 2012 time marks both and ending and a beginning, not only with the Mayan calendar, but also with humanity and all life on this planet. It’s time to take a hard look at yourself. What choice are you going to make?

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  1. Amazing post!

    Your knowledge of 2012 is pretty well understood!

    It’s great to see what’s happening in these days, no matter
    what happens, this event is of celestial importance to all beings!

    I’m quiet excited to say, the people I’m connected to
    have a vast knowledge of whats happening & I’m revitted
    to be able to say, there is something great abound.

    This I know because I’m apart of it and I see the future attraction
    of corruption being destroyed quicker then anyone could ever imagine!

    The power that we all have inside of us, to heal, learn and love
    is going to be given back and people will start to understand
    the real historical events that took place here before human
    kind was of existence in this current form.

    Lol great blog my friend, I will share a link with my audience
    in my perma link section.

    take care,
    -Simranjeet Singh / Nate

    1. Thanks Nate. I now live amongst the Mayans. Their way of living is in many ways different from what Americans are used to. This is another blog post in the making.

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