Liver Cleansing – Easiest Liver Cleanse Ever

Liver Cleanse - If you love your liver, cleanse it!Drastic times call for drastic measures. There are times people need full force, extreme liver cleansing. Unless you feel the need for serious purging, I have a simple, natural liver cleanse that will help you cleanse your liver. This recipe can also be considered a liver-gallbladder cleanse. You will drink this recipe one day each week for four (4) weeks.  This liver cleanse can be continued to be taken once a week on an ongoing basis after the initial 4 weeks.

Shopping List:

  • Blender
  • Organic Tomato Juice
  • Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 Cloves Garlic
  • Turmeric
  • Chlorella

Measurements and Additional Information:

6 oz Organic Tomato Juice. If you are not a do-it-yourself juicing epicurean, try R.W. Knudsen Organic Tomato Juice available at your local health food store.

3 Tbsp Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Olive Oil from Spain has a higher concentration of Polyphenols. Polyphenols in Spanish Olive Oil has shown to help repair free radical damage, reduce internal inflammation, and reduce the incidence of a fatty liver. Polyphenols in olive oil have shown to help cleanse away bacteria like: Salmonella, Cholera, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, and any Influenza that may be lurking in your liver.  Especially powerful is olive oil made from olives grown in the Andalusia and Catalonian regions.

2 medium sized cloves of fresh garlic. Fresh garlic is preferred over garlic capsules. Garlic fights Microbial and Fungal Infections. The majority of people have many nasties hiding out in their liver. Candida is a major infection that is hiding in the liver. Garlic helps to increase your liver’s production of Glutathione-S-transferase. Glutathione-S-transferase is an enzyme that helps the liver detoxify carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals.

1 slice (approximately 1 teaspoon) Turmeric. Most Asian or Middle Eastern grocery stores carry turmeric rhizome. Use fresh whenever possible because dried and ground turmeric is often rancid and has reduced active medicinal properties. Turmeric works on the gallbladder and liver. It stimulates bile production which helps natural detoxification. Turmeric reduces inflammation. Known for its anti-bacterial actions, turmeric will help rebuild the liver. Cleansing often upsets the beneficial bacteria within your body. Turmeric helps to improve the intestinal flora.

1 capsule or tablet chlorella. I like Broken Cell Wall Chlorella. Dr. Mercola sells a good brand at a reasonable price.  Chlorella is a natural detoxifier of heavy metals and alcohols stored in the liver. Chlorella strengthens the functions of the liver and is a good source of natural fiber to restore colon health. Chlorella increases the liver’s ability to remove fungi, bacteria and poisons from the blood.
***You will be making 2 batches of this for your weekly liver cleanse. You will wait 10 minutes in between drinking each of your liver cleanse mixtures. You may be tempted to mix this all up at once and just divide the dose in half, but don’t do that and here is why: You need the specific amount of each ingredient in each dose. Make each dose separately.

Put these 5 ingredients into a blender and blend well. Drink quickly on an empty stomach. It is important that you do not eat or drink anything before this cleanse. Because an empty stomach is needed for this cleanse, I recommend you drink this liver cleanse first thing in the morning and on a weekend for greatest ease.

Wait 10 minutes and mix up your last batch of the liver cleanse recipe using these 5 ingredients again and drink quickly.

Wait 30 minutes after the cleanse before you drink anything else, including water to allow your liver to process the liver cleanse. Wait 1 hour after the cleanse before eating anything.

It is important that you have a bowel movement within a few hours of taking this cleanse. If you do not eliminate regularly, I suggest taking a tea like smooth move or taking Oxypowder capsules 30 minutes after taking your liver cleanse.

Follow this link to learn more about a liver cleanse and other types of detoxing and cleansing.

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