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How To Use Positive Affirmations To Avoid Failure In Life



How To Use Positive Affirmations To Avoid Failure In Life

Have you ever thought that positive affirmations could be new age fluff?

Maybe you’ve tried them and you ended up frustrated, thinking affirmations really didn’t work, right?

The New Age movement can indeed muddy the waters between what is real and what is hype, like any group. It happens.

But what if I told you there was a reason the affirmations didn’t work in the past – would you want to know how to make them work for you now?

What this post will show you is how positive affirmations, positive thinking and affirmative action are real and valid.  Without New Age hocus pocus.

Here’s the reality.  Affirmations are intended to describe the future that you want to create. Here is a scientific research paper from PubMed that shows the benefits of positive affirmations.positive-affirmations-300x251

Affirmations You Are Already Using

You may not realize that you are already using affirmations every day. The most common affirmations that you use every day are negative, critical, and about things you don’t want. Because many people do not put much credence in the power of the mind, they seem surprised when they attract pain, problems, and struggles.


You see, everyone is already using some sort of affirmation by nature of living what they’ve learned over time.

Know what you want and take control of that. No one is meant to be a victim in life, you are actual meant to be a co-creating victor. What you want to do is work on co-creating your reality every day instead of leaving it to happenstance because that’s when you get everything you don’t want versus everything you do want.


We’ve become lazy at directing and controlling our own lives. We’ve fallen asleep and we live our lives through default. It’s no wonder that depression is at an all time high. We are rendered powerless because we have no idea that having power and control over our lives are actually easy but will require a little retraining of our brain.

By working with affirmations and using visualizations to get into your subconscious, you can create the reality you want.

The Nuts And Bolts Of Daily Affirmations

For me, I know that having a positive affirmation is of utmost importance. I don’t think I would have made it out of the dark place I was in after my daughter died without them.

A short affirmation, an active affirmation, a visual affirmation and an emotional affirmation is what you need. I know that may sound like a lot but what I’m actually saying is that your affirmations need to be active, short, sweet, and straight to the point about what you want in your life.

The more that you can have short active and vibrant affirmations, these little sentences that make you feel good and just raise your energy by thinking about them, the more you’ll be able to align with your visualization and get that message to your subconscious mind.

From there, your subconscious mind does its magic act and actually helps create your new reality by moving around everybody in your world, as if they are chess pieces, to help fulfill the very thing that you’re visualizing and you’re affirming.

It all goes back to what we’re already affirming. For most people, what they are affirming is not what they really want. Instead, it’s negative and critical. You want to break away from that and have upbeat, short, visual, emotional, and vibrant affirmations.

A Positive Affirmation For Money

When most people think about money they think there’s not enough, have bad feelings about money, they may still believe that money is evil or that rich people are bad. Those type of affirmations are vibrant in their mind. This doesn’t help them attract more money but actually helps them to self sabotage and get rid of money by unexpected expenses.

For money, you can use the affirmation, “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly and I am using it for my highest good.”

When you were saying money is coming to you, that’s an active form of money. You’re not saying money will come to you in the future (which actually means it’s not coming to you). You want money that’s on its way to you now.

I use easily and effortlessly because those are words are active and actually the opposite of what most people think. Many people think getting money is hard. They believe it is scarces or that the economy is bad. Those aren’t the affirmations that you want, consider them negations not affirmations.

Negations stop money from coming to you. So “money coming to me easily and effortlessly right now” in the present tense means that you are anchoring yourself in this moment which is your point of power to bring the money into your self and your world right now.

Subconscious Triggers To Use And Avoid

What I’ve come to understand about the subconscious mind is that it responds very quickly to what you love, what you hate, and what you fear. Those emotions are highly emotional triggers. Your subconscious mind takes notice of them above everything else.


When I’m teaching people how to create:

  • their own life,
  • their new life,
  • their transformed life,
  • their outrageously successful life,

I instruct them to come from love. So in other words what would really, really excite you? What would you really love to have in your experience? What symbol can you put on that outrageous success experience that you can fall in love with?

Create a visualization symbol in your mind that represents the love you feel around having the life you want. This symbol should make you feel. It should evoke an emotional response in you.

Because the more that you can have the emotion of love, joy, and exuberance, the more you’re sending that signal right into the subconscious brain and the subconscious brain is hooking into that highly emotional love trigger.

The #1 Mistake Most People Make When Using Affirmations

It’s important to not the HOW into affirmations when you are thinking about them. You do not want to project how they are going to occur (or should occur) because this is where people get hung up every single time.

It is the nature of the human mind to solve problems. The mind will begin to create a plan or a system in which to fix that problem but once your mind begins to do that, you cut yourselves off from the flow of possibilities on how your affirmation can come about.

When you come from your thinking brain to create a solution, your thinking brain does not contain that magic that you need. The hardest thing to do is something you have to do, just step back and allow the universe to formulate how it’s going to formulate to give you what you desire.


To be honest, I’ll even do this myself sometimes. I have to recognize it and stop it because in my trying to create a solution and to make my affirmation happen, I’m blocking it all from happening.

I’m trying to create the solution from my conscious mind.

The problem is that the conscious mind has a very limited view. It also houses your ego which will try to talk you into staying exactly where you are, uncomfortably comfortable.

Your Past Is NOT Your Present OR Future And Here’s Why…

You see, your ego is designed to warn you of situations that could hurt you. We have given so much power to our ego that it has become a monster and instead of giving you the warning of danger, it will go all out to keep you from changing your life. This is when the negative self tape and doubt comes. The conscious mind is very limited.

Your conscious mind will look at very limited data and can only pull it from your past so whatever you have done in your past, that’s the knowledge it has to work with.

While your conscious mind has limited data to pull from, your subconscious mind has access to the unconscious collective, where all things are possible. Your subconscious mind has all information that great minds like Socrates and Einstein were tapped into. I’m talking infinite possibilities that you are not even aware of and cannot even conceive of right now at this point.

I honestly don’t even know if we have any limits at all. I’m beginning to really understand the possibility that we can be limitless beings. I think it’s worth testing out. If you have some big thing that you want to go for, I think it’s worth going for without being worried about the how.

Not only do we live in a physical world we also live in a magical universe where the unexplained happens. You don’t want to be hung up on how at all. It’s better to be open to all the possibilities that could possibly exist. Remember, I believe the possibilities are limitless.

Let your subconscious mind bring in all the ways that your dreams can happen. It’s worth it to be joyously surprised at what the universe comes up with because it will all be positive, happy and something that you want to celebrate.

Worrying about the how and limiting the outcome is really the number one mistake you can make with affirmations.

How Many Times Can You Have A Do-Over?

You want to be re-creating yourself over and over again. The goal is to see how many ways can you re-create yourself during your life.

Dream big.


State your affirmation, have your visualization symbol, and follow all the signs and symbols from the universe.

Think of the universal signs and symbols like little breadcrumbs. It will give you the path to your dreams, you just have to be willing to look for the breadcrumbs and take the risk to follow the path.

Because your subconscious mind is in partnership with the world at large, it lays down little breadcrumbs that says go here, buy this, attend this event, or invest in this product and as a result of following the breadcrumbs. The result is that you end up living the very thing you have been affirming.

The #2 Worst Mistake You Could Make With Affirmations

Here is another mistake that happens to people when they are creating affirmations, people often start their affirmations with the words, “I want”.

Using the words, “I want” is putting in that energy of wanting something but not really having it. By law of the Universe, you will be given exactly what it is that your affirming, so you will end up with the situation of always wanting something but never having it.

The 5 Types Of Affirmations You Need To Be Using For Success

Here are five types of affirmations I recommend that you write out and repeat aloud every day:

#1. What. What is it that you want? If you can start your affirmations with, “I am” instead of “I want”, you have instantly taken ownership of this reality. For example, instead of saying, “I want a loving supportive relationship”, you would say, “I have a loving supporting and mind blowing relationship.”

See the difference?

#2. Projecting what life is like once you have your goals. Once you have the greatest and best health and you have the most perfect relationship that you could ever want, how does that change your life? What do you do differently?


If you are creating wealth, how does your life look as a wealthy person? Do you give to charities? How do you pay it forward? Do you send your kids to a private college?

Are you working still? If you are working what is it that you do? What is your spouse doing? Do you go to lunch with your girlfriends or to gala dinners? Do you go shopping? Where do you shop and what do you buy?

What are you doing? How does it change your life? What does it mean to you to have the life that you want? Here’s a tip… you have to project yourself in that visualization. You have to see yourself living that life.

#3. Why? Why do you want whatever it is that you want? Is it to feel good about yourself? Is it to make your family proud? Is it so you can create this amazing life and be an example for your children? Is it so that you can change the lives of other people? Be as pinpointed and descriptive as possible with this. Know your why.

#4. Action affirmations or Affirmative action. You now know that you don’t need to know how your new life is going to come about. Even though you’re not focusing on how, you need to always be taking action steps towards your goals.

When you move forward, the Universe will come to meet you halfway. Think about (and even research) the skills that you will need for whatever it is that you want.

Let’s say you want better health well, you know that you are probably going to need a juicer. You would want to start researching what the best juicer for you would be and decide if you will buy it online or locally. You want to start researching juicing recipes and how to best prepare your body for juicing. You will then start to integrate those actions into your life.

If you have financial affirmations what will you need to be successful? How will you need to change inside? I can give you a success tip that works across the board, begin reading at least 15 minutes a day and listening to audio for at least another 15 minutes. You will want to seek out motivational and inspiration material.

Part of being successful in making money is not participating in time wasting activities. If you are watching 3 to 4 hours of TV a day or you’re spending hours scrolling through your Facebook feed, those are not income generating activities. You will want to cut those out and replace those with things that help you move into the person that you need to be in preparation for being successful. Reading and audios are a great substitute.

#5. The last type of affirmation that you need are your thought affirmations. How do you need to think to be a healthy person or to be in that amazing relationship? How do the thoughts that you have now, how do they need to change to be in alignment with this new reality you want to create?

In order for you to be wealthy, loved, or healthy you need to be that person first. When you are that person and you are resonating and vibrating to the desired frequency, it is easy for those things to come to you that you want. You will simply not be blocking them.


The more that you can be the person that you are firming, that actually is one of the biggest secrets to accelerating the process of getting what you want.

It’s important to be the embodiment of who you want to be. The more you can embody the feeling, the mindset, the emotions, and the physicality of having, doing or being whatever it is that your affirming or visualizing the more that you will rapidly bring it into your life experience.

Stop The Trance That Keeps The Past Repeating

We live in this world where we are in an awaking trance. This means your eyes are open but your mindset is already geared and programmed to go in a certain direction and that programming is based on your past.

By using affirmations you can change the direction that you are going in. Your goal is to sit here and enter into that holographic experience when you’re mentally already thinking like the person that already has what you want.

You want to feel what it would physically be like to have whatever it is that you say that you want. You want to feel what it would feel like to be doing every part of the physical living experience in your affirmation world. The more that you can live this now, in your mind and heart, the more that it is going to come about in a very rapid way.

The secret is that by doing this, you accelerate all of this and make it happen at a rapid almost astonishing rate.


The techniques I gave here will be enough to help you change your life. There is a lot of sound science that backs up the impact that positive thinking and affirmations have on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

It amazes me that people dismiss the power you hold in your mind to create the life that you want. Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

What daily affirmations have you used that have brought magical results into your life?

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  1. I have a love… or maybe what you would call an obsession for positive affirmations! lol

    I too struggled with them at first (as Layla mentioned), and gave up on the idea of them, until one day… I just started using positive affirmations without realizing.

    It started with a decision… A commitment to myself when I became a mother, that I would become the person I needed to be for my children. That this life was so much more than just me. And at the same time, that what I see, feel about others, is how in turn others see, feel about me. This of course can be positive and/or negative.

    With that, I then decided to focus on the positive.

    One of the best things that ever happened to me, was becoming a mother. It has grounded me, and brought light to what matters most to me. It has shown me strength inside of myself, that I never knew I had. It helped me to heal my past, and to experience the importance of self-love.

    I’ve always known that I wanted to make a massive difference in this world, and I strongly believe that using positive affirmations in my life, along with my children, is a big part of creating that lasting change in the world.

    If I want my children to love, value, and respect themselves…

    Than I must model just that.

    I could go on and on about this topic, as it has become a huge part of our lives. And I know that the results have been worthy of taking the time to implement them into our daily rhythm.

    Thank you for providing, and sharing the value of affirmations with the world Kelly Colby! xo


  2. This is a great article!!
    Two issues arise from your article
    1.each and every one of us has some prejudices, which are acquired. So where do you put your prejudices in the process of the positive affirmations. Some prejudices are very strong and you are unable to shake them off.
    2. Sometimes too much of the positive affirmation (too confident) may not be that good because if you fail, your ego may also go down with you resulting in a disaster. I would rather have an open mind or a balanced approach so that if something does not come my way I can move on. Just a thought.


  3. Really enjoyed this explanation, Kelly. It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into the negative way of thinking…easy to fall asleep as you said. Loved your take on not worrying about “how”. I’m reading some subconscious mind material from Napoleon Hill right now and what you’re saying falls perfectly in line with what he says when he says, “These thoughts so deeply imbed themselves in his subconscious mind that they color his whole attitude toward others…Apply the Law of Attraction & you’ll soon see & understand why the unbeliever attracts other unbelievers.” And then he goes on to discuss reversing that principle of course…thanks again for some excellent material here.


    1. Matt, I love Napoleon Hill’s work because it is the core of everything. Thanks for commenting and sharing the tip about Napoleon Hill’s work for anyone that may not be familiar with it!


  4. When I first started using affirmations, I struggled.

    I think it was because I was so damaged, I had been telling myself lies for so long that they were just my reality. It’s just HOW IT WAS.

    So when I first heard the idea of repeating affirmations, I resisted them.

    “You are BEAUTIFUL” — My inner voice would say, “YA RIGHT ya cow.”

    “You can do anything!” — I would hear chuckling “Then why have you quit everything you started?

    A Strategy that helped me shut the voices up, was rather than trying to talk myself into something I couldn’t believe was true, I started asking myself questions.

    “Why are you beautiful?” —- then my mind would create answers “You’re unique.” “You are exotic.” “Your eyes are a beautiful shape” “You have such soft skin”

    Have you ever struggled with disbelief in your affirmations?

    How did you combat this?


    1. Awesome way to reshape the questions when you are struggling with affirmations. The brain looks for solutions so give it a reason to find the solution as to why you are awesome, beautiful, smart, sexy, capable, and amazing!

      When I struggled with affirmations I did the mirror technique, which was looking at myself in the mirror and telling myself, “I love you” as I looked myself in the eye. That was really hard to do at first and I cried…and cried… and then slowly over the course of a month, affirmations became easier as did looking at myself and saying, “I love you!”


  5. I totally resonate with everything in your post Kelly. When I was pregnant I put up positive affirmations on PostIt notes around my house about having a natural childbirth and it worked….not easy, but I did it!


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