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How To Be Successful With Techniques So Simple You Won’t Believe It



How To Be Successful With Techniques So Simple You Won’t Believe It

Do you know the 1 thing that will make or break your success?

Hint… it has nothing to do with the latest and greatest advertising methods…

But it has everything to do with practicing 2 simple things every day.  It’s so simple, you may even dismiss it, but in doing so you miss the opportunity to transform your world.

In about two months time I experience the most remarkable transformation in my thinking. I went from my thought patterns being completely out-of-control to being in complete control at the snap of my fingers.

Even though my life had just fallen apart, literally crashed down around me with everything I knew suddenly gone, I was able to thrive.  I went inside myself and when I emerged, I was at total peace.

You know when you are a child and you just have that feeling of complete peacefulness? That’s the way I felt. I didn’t ignore the reality of my life, instead I was active in every single piece of it down to the most intimate detail.  I no longer had to disassociate.  I could participate and not feel pain.


I didn’t stress. I didn’t worry. I didn’t have anxiety or fear, just complete involvement and wonder.peace-of-mind-300x200


No one around me knew what had happened because I had no desire to talk about it.   You know what? I was crystal clear in my mind. I had complete peace of mind.  I didn’t have the negative tape playing telling me how bad the situation was or how I didn’t deserve better.

The fact of the matter is, mentally and emotionally, I knew and embraced the fact that my situation was temporary. I knew that without a doubt that the only way that the temporary situation would be permanent is if my mind wasn’t straight. There was no way that was going to happen. I was done living in pain.


When I was first dealing with the situation that I was in, I hid.  I knew before I reemerged I had to get my mind straight. It wasn’t long before I jumped back into life. Because everything I knew was gone, I got to experience everything from a sense of newness.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I absorbed it all and drew from the strength that was quickly growing within me.

When I reemerged something had happened, something in me had changed. I found the secret to controlling my mind instead of it controlling me. I now knew what I was capable of. I saw how easy it was to co-create my reality.

What I Figured Out…Finally

Today, I look back at the most dark parts of that time and I don’t feel anger or sadness or regret or pain or bitterness or blame. Instead, I feel at peace. I’m even grateful for the things that happened to me.

You know I’ve heard a lot of people say that the situations that you’ve lived, you should be grateful for because they brought you to where you are right now.

I have a lot of thoughts about this. Back then I couldn’t have even begun to grasp that concept.  How do you be grateful for pain that was so intense it hurt to breathe?  Pain so intense all you wanted to do was die?  Now I understand it. But I understand it with a twist.

What I went through, I had to go through. Yes, there was an easier way; I could have chosen an easier path but I was too hell-bent on holding onto where I was. I wasn’t willing to let go.  So in order for me to move forward (because I wasn’t doing it on my own), my world had to crumble.

Sometimes we can’t help ourselves; there has to be an intervention. And that’s one thing that the universe is really good at – intervention. It will move you, kicking and screaming, without a choice.

So that’s why I am grateful.  Because something somewhere out there in the universe cared enough about me to push me into a place I had to move forward because I had no choice. So today I am the woman that I am, I am the strength and power that I am because of that.

So why would I ever hold a grudge or ill feelings about that time?

The One Thing Standing In Your Way Of Success

I am no different than you. Everything that I discovered and put into place you can and get the same results.

The power is all held within your mind.  Mind control.  Sadly, this aspect of our lives has been kept a secret from all of us, but it is the most important part of living your life.

Have you ever left your computer on for days or even weeks on end without restarting it and it gets really slow and starts to kind of bug out?  When this happens, you know that there’s a bunch of junk running in the background so eventually you have to restart it or it will just freeze on you.

This is the exact same situation with your mind. From the time that you are conceived, your mind and your body are being programmed with junk.  After your born, the junk just comes faster and from more sources.

What you’re left with are self-limiting beliefs, wrong assumptions, and judgment. This junk colors your world so much that you walk around and don’t even see the reality and truth. You only see your junk but take that as reality.

Here’s where things really get tricky. You have all this junk going on in your mind and you want relief so you seek things that are quick Band-Aid affects. You like to numb yourself a little bit to try and relieve the pressure that the junk is putting in your mind.

  • You may turn to watching tv, movies, sex, smoking, drinking or doing drugs.
  • You may bounce from relationship to relationship looking for love.
  • You may pacify yourself with food.
  • You may pacify yourself with lies and manipulations.
  • You may crave celebrity gossip.
  • You may even become addicted to chaos or disappointment.

All of these are band-aids.

The reality is that we are never taught that we have to feed our mind just like we have to feed our body. If you think about this, you don’t eat just once and declare that your body now has enough fuel to run for the rest of your life.  However, this is exactly what we expect from our mind.

The real problem is not all the junk in your mind.  It’s how the junk connects with other pieces of junk to just make your life a walking nightmare.

Now Why Do I Call Your Life A Nightmare?

Because while it may not be that bad, if you can’t see the reality and truth because the junk is putting pieces together that are not real, you are not able to live the life of your dreams or even close to your potential. You miss out on how wonderful life really is because you get bogged down with pain and disappointment.

The junk is polluting your mind and it creates chaos instead of peace and you have no idea that its there.


Reading a self-help book will only get you so far.  It’ll make you feel temporarily better but it won’t bring about a revolution in your life.


Your mind has to be in the right position before things like self-help books can really bring about great changes in you. Without this, you will be trying to grow, to be happy or fulfilled or to live the life of your dreams from a place in your mind where the world is in complete opposition to that.

Your Secret Mirror World That Trips You Up

Think of the junk in your brain and the environment that it has created like a mirror world. There are a few different types of mirror worlds but one is where everything is the complete opposite of what is in this world. Your mind is like a mirror world.

In order to make your inner world be a reflection of what you want in life you need a way of thinking. Very few of us have been taught to think so we default to that chaos thinking which brings us constant ups and downs in life.

Life is not meant to be an ebb and flow. We get stuck in that pattern and we think it’s okay because reason that we are mimicking nature.  That’s a lie the junk whispers in your ear.  Nature is always renewing itself in a cycle that moves forward and is always creating. Even the birth and death and rebirth cycle is a creating cycle.


A tree is born from a seedling.  It grows and fills its purpose here and then it dies.  It’s death is not an ebb because if you studied nature, you would see how much life springs from the death of that tree.

But when you get stuck in the ebb and flow in your life, you are not forward moving.  The reality is you are decaying without new life springing forward. This is not normal for nature but this has become normal for man.

The way you think is crucial to your success.  Being out of that chaotic ebb and flow cycle allows you to step into success much easier.

I will repeat this again…The most important aspect to anything in life is your mind. Your thought patterns create your world. 

Our world is a funny one. We’re taught to walk, talk, eat, count, and even skill sets to go out and be able to work but we are not taught how to think. We are always told what to think (look at advertisements and the news) but no one is teaching us how to think.  It’s ironic really.

The truly successful people figured out how to think.  They play the game of life to win.  They refuse to not win.  It just isn’t an option.  Having junk control your mind is not winning.

In order to figure out how to think you have to be willing to look inside your mind. You probably aren’t used to looking deep within but if you truly want your dream life than the answer lies within your own mind.

Before I give you two foundational techniques to begin to think, there’s something else that I do every day without fail.  I listen to people that are successful every day.  They know how to think and I learn so much from them every day.

Click Here if you want to know what I personally listen to every day.

The FreeMind Techniques To Change Your Life

Here is your first technique to learning how to think:

Think of a time in your past where you were really happy.  Choose a point in your past where you were nothing but complete joy and happiness. If you can find a memory that makes you the happiest you’ve ever been, that’s a memory you want to use for this exercise.

The key to this memory will be putting yourself back into that place and you want to relive it. You want to go back with your mind and experience it all again. Smell the smells, see the sights, taste the taste, hear the sounds, and feel the emotions.

You want to live every single detail of it.  You are giving yourself a huge gift. We often focus so much on what didn’t go right that we rarely spend the time (and rarely was so much concentrated effort) on something that did go gloriously and wonderfully right.

If you’ve read my blog post on positive affirmations then you know the love and happiness that you feel doing this exercise will go straight to your subconscious.  From your subconscious, that feeling goes out into that magical universe to bring more of that feeling into your daily existence.

Once you have this memory firmly in place, you will want to grab a timer that can count seconds.

Set this timer and hold that happy past thought for 15 seconds.  Do not let your mind think about anything else for 15 seconds.  Repeat the exercise until you can do the 15 seconds while solely focusing on your happy thought.

Go ahead and stop reading and try this now.

<potty break for me>

If you did pause reading this to try out the 15 second technique, I want to congratulate you for being willing to push past your comfort zone and do what it takes to live the life that you want!

You should feel pretty calm, happy and peaceful right now.  Pretty amazing for 15 seconds.

Gong Sounds Now

Know if you did try this technique out, you may have found your mind jumping around. Your mind may have wandered to the past or to the present.  It may have even started your nose itching or making you feel antsy.

Even if you managed to hold your positive thought for three seconds that was actually really good for your first time.

As your mind wanders just know that it’s because you’ve let the junk in your mind drive your world and create your reality.

This is not a technique to do once or twice this is a technique that you must do every day, several times a day.

In mastering this technique, you will find that you begin to take control of your thinking and your life for maybe the first time ever.

You are now one step closer to being in control of your thinking. Now for the rest of the day, I want you to do this 15 second technique every hour.

How The Junk Is Keeping You From Success



You may have not been one of the ones that did this technique.  The junk in your mind may have kept you from doing the exercise now by telling you that you’ll try it later. But later will probably never come if the junk has its own way.  This is how your junk operates.

The truth is if you are not living your dream life than most certainly the junk inside your mind has been running the show and making stupid decisions on your behalf based on false information.

I also can tell you that the junk that’s been running your life is crazy; it’s insane and it’s been making you live a mediocre life.

It always amazes me how 15 seconds can have such a profound effect on your life.

If you haven’t done the technique yet, don’t read another word or do another thing until you have your most pleasurable happy thought in your mind and can hold it for 15 seconds.

Why Are You Afraid Of Feeling Joy?

I know the majority of people reading this blog didn’t do the technique and won’t ever do the technique.  The question I have for you is why are you not seeking joy and happiness regularly?  There is plenty of research done on what impacts your decisions to seek happiness, including past events in your life, recent happenings, your environment, and even the weather.

If you want the life of your dreams, stop everything you are doing and do this technique right now.  This is about joy and moving from where you are right now to where you want to be.  Allow yourself to truly have happiness in life.

Can you hold this happiness for 15 seconds?

Keep doing it until you can hold it for 15 seconds and come back to reading when you have it.

Step 2 In Creating The Life You Want

Are you ready to go to the next step? Remember every step you take will put you that much closer to living your dreams.

Once you have your 15 seconds of joy, you are going to take that same thought and hold it for 10 to 15 minutes.

In this 10 to 15 minutes I want you to truly just sit back and enjoy watching all the tricks that the junk plays out in your mind.  Pay attention and take mental note of all the madness that pops up.

This is an important step to understand what’s been controlling your life.

You now have the answer as to why your life has been painful and why you have struggled so much.

Work on this throughout the day until you truly understand how much chaos and madness exists or you have mastered holding your positive happy thoughts for the 10 to 15 minutes.

How did you do?

Don’t Dispair, There Is An Easier Way

Even if you couldn’t hold it for 10 to 15 minutes I have this super short cut that produces the same results 100% of the time.

You’re going to get a notebook and a pen. You don’t want to use a computer or a tablet or a phone for this, you actually want to write this out.

Bring that happy magical memory to the forefront of your thinking and start writing out every detail.  Write out how you feel, what you see, what you smell, what you think, and what you hear.  Describe the environment and anyone else in that memory.  Pretend you are making a movie.  Make your images come alive on paper.

By the time you are done, if you have included every living detail possible you will have found that 10 to 15 minutes have passed. You see you were completely reliving that for 10 to 15 minutes!

You did it!!!

There is absolutely nothing more important than you gaining control over your thinking.

You now know what to do to instantly, on demand, gain control of your thinking.  The more you do the 15 second and the 10-15 minute techniques, the more success will come.

I have a timer set both on my computer and my phone that alerts me every hour to do my 15 second technique.

No matter what I’m doing, I take 15 seconds and take control of my thinking.


These two techniques are the foundation that your success will be built. If you don’t spend the time and energy and feel the importance of building a foundation then all the success you create will be built on sand.

Do you know what sand does?  It moves.  It is not a solid foundation and no matter what is built on that sand, there will be a time that the sand will move and everything you have created will come crashing down.

You need to build the foundation of your life and your dreams with the strongest materials you can.  These two techniques are made of the strongest materials you will ever find.  These techniques create foundational success.

Did you try the exercise?  What happened for you?  How do you feel?

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