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Unique Mind Hack Tips To Help You Be Successful



Unique Mind Hack Tips To Help You Be Successful

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Growth mindset”?

I hear all the time that people want to be out of a current situation, whether it be lack of money, ill health or a bad, non-existent relationship. I’ve actually experienced all 3 situations at one point in my life.  If you are like me, you want to know how to be successful no matter where your burden happens to be.

We all have our struggles.  Your struggle has brought you to this point.  In truth, nothing has happened to you, it has happened for you.  It took me a long time before I could see all the blessings that came out of an abusive relationship I was in.  That was one painful time.  I lost my self confidence, my identity, my businesses, and my health.

Looking back I saw how my mindset became darker and lonelier as time went on.  I’m an introvert anyway so this just compounded my separation with the world.  Knowing what I know now, no wonder I was on a downward spiral I couldn’t seem to get out of.

Nothing I touched seemed to work out.    But when I changed to a growth mindset, my entire world changed very quickly.  No matter where you are in life, your world can change quickly too.

Your Mindset Hijacked You

The reason that I said that your past has happened for you and not to you, is because you are not a bad person and you do not deserve the pain that you were or are living.  You don’t know what you don’t know and the mindset that you live with is reflected in your current situation.

As much as you have helped other people and worked to be a good person, there were mental patterns and subconscious programs that kept your consciousness at a certain level.   That is different from a spiritual level in a sense. You can be the wisest person and understand complex philosophical ideas and struggle with the human form.

Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

I’ve dealt with a lot of people in my business over the years.   Some people were specifically tough cases because they were so resistant to change and or of just letting go of their beliefs in order to have a better life.  It was like they were addicted to their struggles, their story and to their disappointment.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

The fact is that people want to change their mind and consciousness after their situation has changed, but it doesn’t work like that. The growth mindset consciousness is what will move your life from where you are to where you want to be.

Your Ego Wants To Put Blinders On You

Success in health, wealth or harmony is nothing but a series of scientific steps that when you put the right actions in the right order, you have success. This is where the problem comes; it’s like we are all hard wired to not follow directions!

And we are, it’s called our ego. Your ego doesn’t want you to see the reality because it will protect what is known, even if that known is a bad situation.

You think money will be the answer to debt. You think supplements will be the answer to health problems or you think a new relationship will be the answer to your current love struggles. This is sadly the wrong thinking and is the reason why you are still struggling. The reality is you have to change your mind about the issue you are struggling with to a state where that issue couldn’t have occurred in the first place.

Each time I’ve encountered a situation in my life, I’ve eventually had enough and raised my level of consciousness to get myself in a better situation.  Over time, my mind would slip and I would find areas of my life that just weren’t happy again. I applied the quick fix  brain hack measures while I was putting the steps into place that allowed me to keep my level of happiness without having to fall out of it.

Here Are Your Quick Fix Brain Hack Tips

Here’s the number 1 rule: Stop focusing on the issue. Mother Theresa would never be at a protest because she understood this principal. To change something, you must not focus on being rid of it, you must focus on the consciousness of living the life you want.  Don’t focus on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right and where you want to be.  Who would you be if you had the life you wanted? Concentrate on that, not on the ridding of what you don’t want.

#2.  Go out and help people. Give value. The more value you give, the more your consciousness rises. If you can’t think of ways to give value, consider blogging. Blog about what you’ve learned in life, how you’ve overcome things in life, parenting, or just whatever gifts or knowledge you have.   You can even blog about how to be successful or how to have a growth mindset.

#3.  Know your why.  Why do you want a better life or a different situation?  I created a simple technique of finding your why- which is the reason you are here on this Earth. You can find it here. This is a good starting point to know what your given gift is and how to utilize it. Hint- you are already utilizing it, you just don’t know it yet. Just make sure every day you are giving value to the world.

#4.  You must create appreciation and gratitude into your life. How do you have gratitude for a seemingly broken relationship? Ill health? Or not enough money to pay your mortgage? Easy- focus on the things that do make you happy.

So the relationship is bad, what is it about that person that you first liked, loved and appreciated? Stop focusing on where you are now and focus on the happiness you can feel.

What has ill health taught you? There are always a lot of gifts that come hidden in struggles. Yes, you might be in pain or limited more now than you were, but you have gain expertise, friendships, or knowledge that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Focus on the appreciation of these.

Commit to the above mind hacks on how to be successful in health, wealth and relationships. Begin to cultivate your growth mindset consciousness.  These techniques work and will start moving you to a better place.  I’d love to hear from you, what did you learn that you can use to move your life in the direction you want?

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