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How Do You Manifest the Life of Your Dreams…


How Do You Manifest the Life of Your Dreams…

Manifesting and the Law of Attraction is not exactly as you have been told. There is a large group that will give you enough information to make small changes but not enough information to make LARGE changes in your life.  I don’t know about you, I wanted LARGE changes. I wanted HUMONGOUS changes. So I set out to discover what has been kept from us and why.

The privileged people, the ones that were born into wealth, grew up from day one knowing the (real) Law of Attraction. When you ask them what the secret to their success is, they will tell you it is DNA. There are certain attributes written into their DNA that the general population of this world do not have. That does not mean the rest of us are doomed. I have done some work with genetics and here is the best news ever.  DNA is changeable and ever-changing.

Here are a list of ways to manifest the life you want through the Law of Attraction:

  • Make a list of all the negative people in your life. Excuse them. Let them go. This is imperative to getting what you want in life. If you are not ready to do this step, then stop reading because you are not yet ready to make your dreams your reality.
  • Feel good. You don’t have to feel sunshiny when your life is falling apart. Your goal is to feel a little better than you do right now. In the midst of a tragedy, you can feel good. Do something that makes you feel good and is spirit-enhancing. Don’t do something destructive because you *think* it will make you feel better. i.e. drink yourself into numbness. If water makes you feel good, take a weekend trip to the ocean. If outdoors makes you feel better, go do something outdoors. The rest of your life will still be there waiting after you get back and feel better. Never work on manifesting something when you do not feel good.
  • Decide and *clarify* what it is that you want and focus *exclusively* on this. Do not work at manifesting a bunch of things at once. Work on one thing at a time. If you are prone to negative thinking, start small to convince yourself that there truly are Physical Laws that govern the universe that work without fail every time. Especially important times to manifest are upon waking and right before you go to sleep. Purchase a notebook. I bought one I can carry in my purse so I always have it with me to review. Ask yourself these questions about what it is you want.

Example: Your focus is more money

1. How much? Define and write this
2. Why or What do you want out of this? Define this and write it
3. What do you want to feel? Define and write this
4. When you get it..how does this make you feel? Define and write this
5. How is your life improved having or being this? Define and write this

Every day, feel good and go over this. Think and feel this for 68 seconds as you go through it.

Every night write down 3 action plans that you can implement the next morning to work towards your goal. Complete these action plans before doing anything else that day. Stick with it and make up your mind that you will complete these action plans each day. Don’t go to email or news sites, etc until your action plans are complete.

Read your 5 questions many times throughout the day. Feel them. Feel good and feel better and better as you read them.

Pay attention to how you feel when you set your manifestation. How do you know that your manifestation is within your grasp? How you feel? Your feeling is your barometer. If something doesn’t feel like it is right there within your grasp… If you can’t feel it with certainty, even without knowing the *how*, then know you need to re-adjust your manifestation. You don’t have to give up your goal. Just readjust your fine details until you can feel it without a doubt. Your feelings are what will tell you what goal you can give birth to right now.

You need Skill Sets. Here’s the problem with wanting to manifest a million dollars when you don’t have it and have never had it. Do you know what it feels like to physically and emotionally hold a million dollars in your hands? Do you know what it is like to hob nob with the ultra rich in your city? Do you know what it is like to wear only the finest clothes? You can guess, and until you physically get to experience some of the skill sets, you cannot pull that exact energy. Since everything is energy, and money is only energy, you cannot manifest a million dollars while shopping at Walmart because it is cheap and convenient.

I couldn’t have imagined properly (I did try though) some of those things way back when. I now know that I didn’t and couldn’t have pulled those energies. You can’t go from 0-60 without going through the rest of the numbers, right? Think like you are at 0 right now. Acquire skill sets in the range from 1-59 to get you to your goal.

Go test drive a Rolls Royce. I’m serious. Go to the most expensive car dealer in town. Find the most expensive car. It doesn’t matter if you like the car or not. Drive it. There is nothing like driving exquisite luxury.

Go down to the area and strike up a conversation with the boat hands or even the owner. Tell them you want to buy a yacht. Ask them if you can step aboard a yacht and look at theirs. Feel it. Drink it in. This is a skill set. If you cannot afford to charter a yacht for a few hours, charter a fishing boat to take you out on the ocean so you can feel what it feels like to be on the ocean on a larger boat. Get the skill sets.

If you want your own plane, go to a small local non-commercial airport. Hang around and ask some of the pilots if they will take you up in their plane. Tell them you are interested in learning to fly but want to feel what it feels like to get up in a non-commercial plane first. Most people will say yes and take you up for a little bit. Some will even let you take the wheel for a little bit. Those are all skill sets.

Begin to eat in nicer restaurants. Completely forget fast food. No matter how tempting it is or how tired you are, make food at home before going to a junk place to eat.

Hire someone to come in and clean your house. It really is not that expensive. If you can only afford it once a month, then do that! Acquire the skill sets of what it feels like to have a professional clean your home.

Stop going to the movies and watching TV or reading the news. Look, here’s the thing….it’s all programming and tells you subconsciously what to think. Leaders do not need to be told what to think. They do not participate. TV and movies are NOT harmless. Rich people are leaders, they are the ones making the shows to tell people what to think. If you ask a rich person about the so called “recession” they’ll really look confused. They don’t participate. The media tells you that there is a recession so you participate. There is no shortage of wealth or anything else, believe me!

Avoid DRAMATUNITIES (opportunities that will have you listen to someone else’s drama or that will cause you to relive your dramas). Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, can have a positive or negative outcome. It’s an individual choice as to what you see.

All of these will give you the attitude that will bring your desire.

Now, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “act like you already have the thing you are manifesting.” There is an operative word here and that is act. Don’t wait to do something until your said goal has already been accomplished. You must be moving towards your goal, just as you would if you already had it. If you had a million dollars, you wouldn’t hesitate to invest more time and money into your business. You wouldn’t balk at scheduling your vacation. You cannot wait for tomorrow to come because then tomorrow will never come. You’ll be stuck in the world of mañana. If you move ahead with your life as if you are a millionaire than the Law of the Universe HAS to give you what your moving towards.

It has always been my experience than when you trust the Law (which is as real as the Law of Gravity) and move in the direction of what you want, without worrying about the *how*, the universe sets it up. Have you ever wanted something or to go to a workshop? You didn’t know how you would get it or go but you just knew it was something you had to have or had to go to. Then BAM! the universe presented you with the way to get and go where you needed. If you hesitate because you are afraid to spend the money, you are manifesting lack.

The Law of manifesting works. Do not doubt it. Look at your life and you will see how strong and accurate this Law is. Up to this point, your thought patterns and choices have manifested the life you have now, down to the tiniest detail. You are now saying you want something different. Change your thought patterns and change your choices and your life will begin to change. The Law does not discriminate between what’s good for you or bad for you. It only gives you exactly what you manifest.

When a negative thought pops into your head, replace it with the 5 questions immediately. Do this every time for 30 days and your life will be completely different at the end of the month. If you find that you just want to feel bad sometimes and do not do your 5 questions, then you need to re-examine what you really want in life.

No matter what circumstances you’ve had in life, you always have a choice. Don’t let circumstances be your excuse to choose an unhappy life full of struggles. Why let someone else win?

You can choose to feel bad or you can choose to feel good. You know what makes you feel bad and you know what makes you feel good. If you have high goals and set a high bar of standard for yourself and others, then why would you ever choose to feel bad? Turn your back on what you don’t want. Forget your story of woe. Turn your back on it. Success is only a choice away!





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