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How Baking Soda Can Reverse Gray Hair and End Erectile Dysfunction


How Baking Soda Can Reverse Gray Hair and End Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunctionIn TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we see an emphasis on the kidneys as holding the essence for life. Out of everyone I have worked with over the years, 98% of people have some stress to their kidneys. This also includes children. Stress, toxins, thoughts, water intake, food choices, quality of food, exercise, pH, sexual activities, etcetera all contribute to stress in the kidneys.

In Asia, they are typically not fond of drinking a lot of fluid because it harms the kidneys. Yet, here in the USA, we are instructed to drink half your weight in water to flush out the toxic lifestyle we have from living in America. But not drinking enough pure water and being dehydrated also puts a strain on the kidneys.

American boys and teens are different than in traditional Asian culture. Sex and bodily fluids is a badge of honor here, yet it begins to deplete life force and life essence very early on. This depletion continues through adulthood until men lose their active sex drive or develop Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The erection of the penis during sexual excitation is mediated by the Nitric oxide (NO) that is released from nerve endings close to the blood vessels of the penis. NO also regulates adrenal function and endocrine function.

We generally see a correlation between ED and imbalanced hormone levels, which is traced back to endocrine and adrenal function. In teens, testosterone can be too high. In middle age men, testosterone tends to be too low. Kids are now maturing faster and much more is accepted and available now to kids, so they have a mature lifestyle at way too young of physical or emotional age.

Kidney stress is often shown in the quality and color of hair. Hair is one of the parts of the body that the body will sacrifice first. If the body is off, the hair will stop receiving nutrition and energy, thus the graying and thinning that occurs.

Kidneys also have an impact on bone marrow. So much so that now they are doing kidney and bone marrow transplants at the same time. I think we can look at Nitric Oxide (NO) as the key player. Release of NO around the glomeruli of the kidneys increases blood flow through them thus increases the rate of filtration and urine formation. The overall production of NO is decreased in kidney stress.

The brain’s glial cells produces Sodium Nitrite, in presence of organic acid, it breaks down to Nitric Oxide for use. Nitric Oxide is used by the bone’s marrow cells, which in turn creates stem cells or at least allows stem cells to further develop. The problem occurs whenever people eat acid forming food, have toxicity, physical stress, emotional or mental stress, or heavy metal poisoning causing the condition known as acidosis or low pH. Whenever this happens, the Sodium Nitrite breaks down into Nitric Oxide before the Sodium Nitrite reaches the bone marrow and stem cell production begins to slow down.

When people are low on stem cells, we see the hair thin and begin to lose color or turn gray.

Something to help?

Here are my recommendations:
Stop all mineral supplements for 3 days. Check your pH. Restore the bicarbonate reserves in your intestines, organs, and tissues.

The remedy for regeneration of marrow cells is:

Squeeze one whole lime (about 8 teaspoon), plus 1/2 teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day. To get some improvement it would generally take about 3 weeks for the body to have sufficient amount of bicarbonates and alkalinity for nitric oxide. This total process usually takes a total of 6 months to completely saturate your tissues.

Increase the voltage of your cells. An ionic foot bath, infrared sauna, walking on the sand on a beach, touching the Earth with your feet, etc are all ways to increase cellular voltage.

Silver and Gold Colloidals will also help.

Go Raw- a 70%+ raw diet works well.

He Shou Wou is a good TCM supplement to also add in.

Simplify your life and remove any negativity or stress including thoughts, people and situations.

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