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How Bad Do You Want IT? Next Step: Illusions Shattered



How Bad Do You Want IT? Next Step: Illusions Shattered

My mission:  Shattering Illusions.

Why are illusions so dangerous?

We are always held in a fabric of time where no one is immune.  You can experience both a moment of epiphany and a moment of catastrophe.  Usually these two will blend together to create a new force within you.

Have you heard that we are in the age of great awakening?  That our planet is going through a spiritual and consciousness shift?  The past has shown us that we awaken during great times of crisis.  When the awakening happens, you no longer look at the world the same.

Where Did It All Go?

The idea of a foundation that you thought underlayed all of life has vanished.  What we know as normal melts away and we begin to see the truth of the world.

Why does crisis and catastrophe need to occur?  It doesn’t “need” to but it does in response to people being too out of balance.  A look around the world today shows illusions everywhere that people are attempting to hide behind.

People are too focused on the things that lend to the collapse:  movies, television, porn, Hollywood, famous people, excess spending, alcohol, eating, drugs, smoking, gambling, and gaming are all forms of illusion.

We have a society that has a belief in a picture of perfection that is truly not perfect nor pretty.

Our 2 Governing Universes

There are two universal systems that are always at play that affect every aspect of your life.

Deep down inside you, you know about these forces and it’s why you try to run away.

There is this deceit, compromise, everything is perfect illusionary world and then there is the cold and hard reality that underlies every single thing.

The more our vital truths are compromised in exchange for the drug of illusion, the more soul shattering it will be when the illusions disappear.  And they will disappear.

These two opposing universes can only exist together for so long until they collide in a violent way.  There are no other ways.  This is a law of the Universe that governs our existence.

Most people would rather be surrounded by people that won’t challenge them and will hide behind the veil of lies. That way they can continue hiding themselves.  No one will call them out.

Actions Not Words Matter

Ask anyone if they would rather someone in their life be upfront and honest or lie.  Usually 100% of the time they will pick upfront and honest.  However, watch closely and you will find the opposite is true.  I rarely trust what people say anymore because illusion has blurred the truth.  I pay attention to what they are doing instead.

People have no idea they are lying to themselves because they believe in the illusion more than in reality.

I have heard the new age and self help circles talk about truth being a perception.  And while this is true, this is also misused and abused.  Every single person has a perception of truth.  That individual truth is based on how conscious a person is…not how conscious they say they are or think they are.

There Is ONE Truth

What underlies it all is one truth…a universal truth that is not corrupted by perception.  You can choose to see this truth or you can spin it to fit your needs.  Either way, there is a truth that does exist.

This is a good time to discuss honesty.  Many people will speak honesty but it doesn’t fit in with the real truth.  It is their perception of truth.  It is ugly.  It is catastrophic and it is the underpinnings of deceit labeled as truth.  People will wield their truth sword but it does nothing to create a better place.  The only thing it does is add on senseless hurt.

If you lash out at someone because you feel bad about your situation, you do nothing but hurt yourself.  You may hurt them but before long they will leave you to your own destruction.

This is a polarization of truth.  The more our realities become polarized, the more disastrous and volcanic the reaction when the Universes collide.

We are seeing this today, are we not?

It’s not going to get better like the illusion in you will tell you for comfort.  No amount of survival training will help you.

It’s not about physical preparedness.

It is imperative that everyone understands this.  We are living so far from the reality of truth and humanity has never seen before the spectrum of disaster that is laid out before us.

What Does A Collapse Of Society Look Like?

I can promise you that it doesn’t look like what you see in the movies.  Where one day the world is sunny and beautiful and in one moment, it is turned into chaos, zombies, and mass panic.

Collapse is not an overnight process, it is a long process.  This is the very process we are seeing right now, today.  It takes a long time for the effects of monetary and social breakdown to be seen and once it is, people will still refuse its existence.

People DO refuse its existence.

There is great danger in refusing to accept responsibility of the truth.  The underbellies of this is fear.  People have long ago stopped believing in their own power.  They have given so much of it away that they believe the “enemy” is too powerful and that it is futile to resist.

So they give all their power to their illusionary escapes and do not see the damage this is doing.  They think they are blowing off steam or relaxing.

Modern humans have defeated their own mind which will cause them never to stand up.  It is why I am so focused and adamant on you gaining control of your own thinking and mental patterns.

The elitists know this and this is why they remain in power.

The majority of people have not taken control of their minds and resistance really is futile.  Protesting, arguing, hating, posting content on your social media, or not buying from Walmart, Monsanto, or big Pharma won’t do anything.  Nothing.  It actually gives them more power.

The only thing that will work is to go inside yourself and take control of your mind.  Even if you think you have, I can tell you that you probably truly have not.  I see it all the time.

Once You Have Control, Go Teach Others

That’s part of the reason I left to live in another country.  I no longer had to be surrounded by anything in the modern world that could distract me.  It’s why I’ve sought out weeks of seclusion and weeks without food or water.  Every time I release a layer of control, I know there is more there.

If you think you have some control over your mind, shut down your computer, turn off your phone, unplug your television and just sit with yourself for 1 week.  Don’t read.  Don’t interact with others.  Don’t go out of the house.  Don’t eat.  Just sit and be with yourself.  You will learn pretty quickly what controls your mind.

I have 8 kids and businesses to run and I have done this many times.  I’m not special.

You will always make excuses for something you are unwilling to do.  Where there’s a will, there is a way.  You will find a way if you feel you are truly worth something great.

I just wasn’t willing to make excuses because I needed to show up in my life.  I needed to get myself in a position to be able to truly help my family and other people.  I had to shed as much illusion as I could.

Definitely Not The Norm

Am I popular?  Some days, yes and some days, no.  When push comes to shove though, I have a resilience that I have formed that will be hard to find in the general populace.

I am here to help others create that same resilience.

I talked about the collapse of money.  That doesn’t mean you can’t make money.  You can.  Even during the Depression while people were losing money, great fortunes were also being made.

If your mind is in the right place, it will stick for you.  You won’t lose it all.  And even if you did, you will easily be able to find comfort once again.  It’s not about creating wealth, it’s about creating a real sustaining foundation for yourself.  Wealth, ease and comfort are a by-product of that.

Once you control your mind, you can be in the middle of the worst fall humanity has ever seen and you will be okay.  It won’t rip you apart.  You will help lead others to that same place that you have created.


The best thing to do is to tackle your own illusions.  Realize they are there and have been created in you long before you were even born.  Your whole life has been about layering illusion upon illusion.

You can erase them.

Do not compromise anymore.

Don’t wait for a point where you can say, “Yes, the world is finally at a point of no return.”  Take the actions now that you need to create your own resilience.

Don’t let your illusions of your own free thinking stop you from truly being free.

Become secure now.  No more excuses.  All you have left is really hard work ahead of you and tons of risk taking.  If you do this every day, you will have victory.

I will leave you with Sun Tzu’s famous advice:

“Know yourself and you will win all battles.”

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

“All warfare is based on deception.”

Join me and begin to create the resilience you need.  There are specific teachings that will help you gain control over your own mind, maybe for the first time ever.  Start by clicking the link below to use some of the tools I have used to gain my own resilience.

Are you ready?

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  1. Hey Kelly, profound and powerful….so many people are walking like zombies and blind to the reality our planet is facing today. We are living in a very fragile and challenging time. A huge awakening like you mentioned is happening and yet so many people are not aware of these changes. Thanks…awesome value. Stay blessed.


  2. great, powerful, thought provoking post kelly – thanks
    perception is highly dangerous, for if we perceive things incorrectly, then our behaviour does not serve us. to see with clarity what is, creates considered choices that nurture the direction of ones journey.


  3. A powerful post Kelly.

    We are indeed at a great turning in the evolution of humanity, where the old story will be replaced by a new one.
    With the challenges that we currently face being necessary catalysts to create a new reality…breaking free of the illusions that the majority believe to be real.

    With the old systems and structures being simply unsustainable, and thus will inevitably collapse. We’ve got some interesting times ahead, that’s for sure!


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