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Hiccups – How to Stop Hiccups Quick & Easy


Hiccups – How to Stop Hiccups Quick & Easy

Hiccup Cure – How to cure Hiccups

I always wondered why I would hiccup so I set out to find out how to cure hiccups. People around me would give me ideas on how to stop hiccups, but these hiccup cures didn’t always work. Once I found out the cause of a hiccup, I found out how to get rid of hiccups and stop hiccups super fast.stop hiccups

What the heck are hiccups?! Let me start by explaining a hiccup before I tell you how to get rid of hiccups. Hiccups are an imbalance in the polar energies of the body. We have two energies that should exist in harmony in our body; descending and rising. Our bodies are both transmitters and receivers. We are able to receive and give information continually through the top of our head and the bottom of our feet. We are of both Creator and Earth. We are influenced by heaven energies that come down through our head and earth energies that come up through our feet.

Earth energy rises in us and Heaven energy is downward moving. These energies meet in the middle of our beings and entwine together in harmony to nourish our life force. Our organs have an association with these energies; some have a natural rising force and some have a natural descending force. If these energies become out of balance we will find that energies may rise when they naturally should descend and vice versa.

Hiccups are caused by a hyperactive rise in stomach energy. Stomach energy naturally moves downward but imbalanced, the energy will rise causing hiccups. Hiccups manifest as a result of the food or liquid you just ate or drank and causing a momentary imbalance in your stomach energy.

Now that you know what is happening in your body to cause hiccups, ready for the super easy, super quick hiccup cure?


Put a little bit of pure sugar, agave, honey, or any other natural sweetener on your tongue and hold it there for a few seconds, allowing it to dissolve naturally. Only a tiny bit is needed. This will instantly stop your hiccups and works for babies up to elderly folks.

The stomach is an organ very influenced by sugar. For every drop of sugar, the stomach’s function is to deliver a certain quantity of blood and vitality to the body so this causes the stomach to get back on track. Plus, sugar has a naturally descending energy, and used therapeutically, will work with correcting the momentary stomach disturbance.

The next time you have the hiccups, try this unknown cure and pass the information around to others.

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  1. Hiccup Cure for Dogs/Puppies from a brilliant friend:

    Re: the hiccups- I have never tried sugar but my two dogs, Winnie and Lucy, had hiccups quite often as puppies and the technique that worked every time (without fail) was massaging the back of their neck right below their ears.
    I found the cure for puppy hiccups since animals are not responsive to a placebo
    effect (YES, I did animal testing!).

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