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Gratitude Schmatitude


Gratitude Schmatitude

fake_gratitiudeIn the Spiritual, Self Help, and Law of Attraction communities, you will hear over and over that gratitude is the key to getting everything you want. Before I tell you that is bogus, I want to comment on manifestation.

We are Creator beings. We create our lives, our thoughts, our dreams and our issues. We were born into a matrix system that gave us the ability to create with our minds.

Some say we need to create with our hearts and not our minds. I do agree with this wholeheartedly. However, no matter how much you want to create with your heart, you cannot until you can pass the test.  The test consists of saying, “Now I can love myself” and “Now I can be loved” and your body stays strong.

We test this in the clinic through O-Ring testing.  When you have cleared these two emotional issues through emotional release therapy (MRT), you now can freely create and manifest through your heart but with one caveat. Just because you CAN create something, should you? That is an important question to ask before focusing on anything.

Now, back to why gratitude is bogus. I have learned that people from very early in life can muster up a thank you and not truly mean it. This goes back to when we were kids. Your mom probably made you say thank you for things you didn’t like or weren’t interested in. We have been conditioned by a fake, seemingly polite society to say thank you and not have that expression come from our heart. Gratitude is such an automated and conditioned response now. We often see people gush with gratitude when they want something or have just received something. People can feel they are more genuine with gratitude once there is a personal gain from it. Gratitude has become a manipulation.

We see this in the Spiritual, Self Help, and Law of Attraction communities. Say thank you and have gratitude for everything, no matter how you are really feeling. There is some truth and positivity to muttering the words thank you. That is better than lashing out and complaining. This also shows that somewhere in you, you know that every situation is ultimately beneficial to you.

But what if you truly want to feel grateful for someone and something just for the sake of feeling this way? What if you want to break free from the conditioned response and tap into unconditional love and gratitude where a state of love and gratitude is the biggest reward? What if you want to do this, not for a physical personal gain, but because you want to live your life in love?

Once you enter the realm of pure love, there is a vast difference in what you want to manifest. Things that were important to you back in the matrix have suddenly changed. Gratitude evolves into graciousness.

I find everyone can muster up gratitude but few people can truly be gracious. Graciousness is a non-manipulative, non-selfish, pure and evolved form of gratitude. Graciousness has a direct connection to our One True Source that flows through everyone and everything. Graciousness is a feeling, not an act. It is silent but powerful. It is beautiful and dances within you.

I’m not saying you cannot manifest physical things out of graciousness, but you will never find that you are in the trenches of the 1 step forward and 2 steps back gambit. You will find that you have superseded that ingrained rut, and you are now free. You will find that you are playing on a whole new playing field than you have ever been taught.

Emotional Release Therapy, aka Matrix Release Therapy (MRT), is the first and most major step to removing the blockages that are preventing you from feeling gracious. Email me if you are interested in having your unseen emotional mountains removed once and for all.

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