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Food Additives (That You Are Eating) That Should Never Be Eaten!

Food Additives (That You Are Eating) That Should Never Be Eaten!

Here’s the fact: many common food additives and artificial colors that you eat every day, even ones like what I am writing this post about, are known cancer causing agent and STILL approved by the FDA.

How can something be found to be cancer causing by the FDA and banned by the FDA from cosmetics (in 1990) and still be allowed in our food?

I think once your eyes are opened to the corporate control over food and drug safety, you begin to do your own research and take nothing that the FDA says as the absolute truth.

Like many artificial colors that have shown to be completely hazards to your health, FD&C Red Dye #3 is not any different.  Unlike many of the hazardous artificial food colorings, Red Dye #3, while banned from your lipstick and blush, is still legally available in bakery items (packaged and premade), dairy products, meat, including bacon, ketchup, tomato sauces, drinks, soda, juices, snack foods, gum, usually anything red, pink, orange or purplish colored, supplements, prescription and over the counter medicines just to name a few.

If this doesn’t alarm you enough, Red Dye #3 is found in many children and baby foods like fruit snacks, mac and cheese, children Tylenol, cough syrup, antibiotics, supplements, candy, jello, cereal, slushies, strawberry milk, yogurt, maraschino cherries, and frozen meals targeted to kids.

Commonly used artificial colors, like Red dye No. 3, are made from petroleum which is a common poison.  The explanation is that the ingredient is too small to cause damage.  Really?  Let’s look at another popular food coloring that really cold not do damage…  FD&C Blue dye No. 1 was found, upon autopsy, to have turned the colon of people blue that were fed a normal diet that happened to contain this legal artificial food coloring.  This  shows the impact of a little bit causing a big problem.

The research papers have shown that FD&C Red dye No. 3 causes:

  • Cancer, specifically breast cancer, due to its ability to damage DNA and its estrogenic properties.
  • Behavioral hyperactivity.
  • Inhibits serotonin in the brain, which low serotonin can cause argumentative and mean behavior as well as sleeplessness and depression.

Here are a few behavioral symptoms in children that are caused by Red Dye #3: hyperactivity, really mean behavior, uncontrolled crying, and sleep troubles.

If your child is having behavioral issues, bad behavior, unantural child crying, and other behavioral disorders, cut out the artificial food dyes and opt for a whole foods diet. Heck, even if your child isn’t having problems, you should still cut it out of your diet and opt for a non-processed diet.

Parents brought their children to my clinics that had ADD, autism, behavioral problems, allergies, and illness.  Do you know that the one thing that worked across the board in all the cases?  Changing the diet.  Funny enough, the parents that were so willing to bring their kids to all the experts around the USA and even Latin America, would still balk at changing their child’s diet at least 80% of the time.

We hold on to this philosophy that our food is safe and it’s not, but we can take our health and well being into our own hands and stop relying on ruling bodies to tell us what is and is not good for us.  Yes, we need to eat and yes there are ways that we can make food safer for us.  Eating processed foods full of chemicals is not the answer to health.

Dr Mark Novitch, who was the FDA acting commissioner and rallied to have Red Dye #3 banned in 1984, said the following: “There’s no good reason not to ban Red 3, [saying the dye] has clearly been shown to induce cancer [and was] of greatest public health concern.”

But hey, the FDA said that they would take the steps to ban it from our food source. I’m glad no one has been holding their breath about this (or other toxic food additives) since that promise was made more than 20 years ago!

Read labels.  Become empowered.  Make sure your own voice is heard.

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