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The 4 Biggest & Little Known Energy Killers That Cause Sudden Extreme Fatigue



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The 4 Biggest & Little Known Energy Killers That Cause Sudden Extreme Fatigue

Are you suffering from low energy – or worse, extreme fatigue?

Energy killers can cause sudden extreme fatigue have a huge impact on the quality of your life.

There are times that everyone feels a little low on energy.  When you are routinely waking up sluggish, tired and with brain fog that lasts throughout the day, you have a bigger problem on your hands.

Your adrenal glands, if stressed, will make you gain weight, have mood swings, reduce your quality of sleep, and have you feeling older than you really are.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Blue Light Causes Sleep Problems:

sudden extreme fatigue causes

Blue light comes from your TV, cell phone screen, computer, the lights in your home, and even the street lights.  This blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm in your brain.

Think of your circadian rhythm like an internal clock that is affected by your environment and your hormones.

This clock tells you when to go to sleep, when to wake up, when to have energy or start relaxing.

When you are surrounded by blue light for 16-18 hours a day, this throws off your internal clock and sets off a chain of events that negatively impact your life, health and even happiness.

blue light fatigueIf you are looking at your computer screen or phone after the sun goes down, especially once you crawl into bed, this light activates your brain and nervous system, essentially exciting you. 

Your internal clock is tricked into thinking it’s day and not night.

Cortisol begins pumping to get you ready to be active… but you are really settling into bed to rest.

Solution: Adding f.lux filters to all electronic devices cuts down on the impact blue light has on you.  F.lux is a free app available for Mac, Windows, iphone, iPad, and Android that filters out the blue light on your electronic devices.

You will feel instant relief and it really does reduce eyestrain.

“Health” Food – Causes of Belly Swelling: 

causes of belly swelling


I’ve heard women complain about looking like they are 6 months pregnant, when they are not pregnant at all.

Many people don’t realize that food is actually a drug.  All drugs have side effects, even “healthy” food.

It is said that life and death begins in the colon. What we put in our body either gives us life or brings us closer to death.

Belly swelling is caused by irritation in your G.I. tract.  Your adrenal glands once again start to dump cortisol.

Cortisol helps to reduce inflammation.  This is a good thing for acute issues like poison ivy.  However, on a daily basis of months and years of eating “healthy” food, this excess cortisol causes leaky gut syndrome, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and can cause depression.

Cortisol upsets the valuable serotonin levels that are produced in your gut.  Serotonin is a very important chemical neurotransmitter.

Adequate amounts of serotonin help you to:

  • Lose weight
  • Avoid constipation
  • Have happy and stable moods
  • Affect social behavior
  • Causes you to fall asleep easily and get restful sleep
  • Affects memory
  • Regulates breast milk production in lactating women
  • Affects sexual desire and function

Food packaged as healthy often leads to many problems for people.  The only true healthy foods are those that can be found in nature.

Packaged food is processed in an unnatural way and often contains known inflammatory chemicals that wreak havoc on your body in an unseen way.

Sticking to the outside aisles of the grocery store will help you find the healthiest food. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and crustaceans, chicken and eggs are found at the perimeter of the store.

I also suggest adding in coconut oil and canned sardines from Morocco.  Most canned sardines that are boneless and skinless come from Morocco and are wild caught.

Solution: A diet rich in plenty of fruit and salads (without dressing but with lime and sea salt), with sides of chicken, eggs, and fish/crustaceans (cooked in coconut oil) is the healthiest way to avoid the constant flood of cortisol to put out G.I. inflammation.

Diet & Exercise Hurt Your Sex Drive:

what kills your sex drive

Generally, weight loss and exercise is known to increase your libido.  However, too much of dieting or high impact exercise and you can find your sex drive has plummeted.

Stress occurs when you are involved in intense exercise and crash dieting.  This invokes your fight or flight and your adrenals start pumping cortisol.

Your body cannot distinguish between your good intentions and your actions.  It just reacts to stress.

Too much cortisol reduces the release of sex hormones.  Think of it this way, in nature if an animal is fleeing from a predator, the body will stop producing and expending energy on something the body doesn’t need (sex hormones) in that moment. It does this to conserve energy so more power can be placed into staying safe.

An animal is in a vulnerable position if it procreates during a dangerous situation so sex hormones are not needed nor produced by the body.

Our bodies have the same instinct.

Solution: Check out Body by Science. You will only be working out 1-2x a week and the results you achieve are crazy!

Excess Caffeine Side Effects:

Excess Caffeine Side Effects

Most fitness supplements include caffeine. Sometimes in alarming amounts.  Combine that with working out and you have a recipe for a low libido.

It is also estimated that over 100 million men and women start their morning off with a cup of joe.

Caffeine causes your adrenals to pump excess cortisol.  People begin to depend on coffee for that cortisol kick to get their day (and energy) started.  However, it quickly becomes a vicious cycle.

When your adrenals are working and excess cortisol is not pumping, you don’t need coffee to have the energy to start your day.

Interestingly, cortisol has a responsibility of giving you a burst of energy upon waking up. When the constant flood of cortisol wears out your body, it no longer sends the burst of energy upon waking.

Caffeine isn’t just in coffee.  It is found in weight loss supplements, fitness supplements, tea, energy drinks, breath fresheners, ice cream, and painkillers. Reading labels will help you to determine if caffeine is a surprise ingredient in the products your buy.

For this reason, truly healthy food should be part of your focus.  You won’t find hidden caffeine in watermelon or a cucumber.

Solution:  Read labels and cut out the excess caffeine that you don’t need.  If you can’t give up your morning coffee, drink no more than 3 cups and make it a Bulletproof coffee by adding coconut oil or butter to your coffee.

Natural Viagra?

watermelon viagra

Where there is a pharmaceutical drug, you can usually find its equivalent in nature.

Watermelon is nature’s equivalent to Viagra.

When using watermelon as a libido booster, take a personal watermelon (with seeds) and chill it.

Once chilled put the red flesh, seeds and as much of the soft green rind into a blender and blend it.

Drink this every day for a week for breakfast.  You will notice a boost in your libido.

I have since recommended this to many men and women over the past 6 years to help feel that boost of desire once again.  It works every time.

What’s Next?

The video below does a good job of explaining cortisol and how you can help reduce its effects.

Watch this video for some important information about cortisol.

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