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Ebola Outbreak in Dallas


Ebola Outbreak in Dallas

EEeeekkkk! Ebola is here! Eyeroll. Right from the start, Ebola has been terrorizing the minds of people that have been glued to the news waiting for its arrival in the United States. Not only did it arrive here in the USA, Ebola Dallas has made its first appearance right here in my neighborhood.

I have been researching the history of Ebola and Ebola outbreaks since the start. I have prepared myself and my family. I’m usually one of the first people to jump into the trenches of working with the scariest of epidemics to hit so I have some working knowledge.

I’ll spare you the history, but just know that Ebola is not new. It can be a scary situation for those people that are unwilling to take precautions but it is totally preventable.

I have 4 very easy to do Ebola remedies that can prevent or stop Ebola symptoms.

Go raw. Seriously. Cut out the food that makes your body weak. Get on fruit. Make your diet about fruit. I juice tons of ginger, lemon, turmeric, apples, grapes and oranges daily. There is a lot of very potent medicine in these juices. I often hear people say they can’t give up their meat. They mock me for my love of fruitarianism and my vegan ways. I can think of something much worse than giving up meat though…. Ebola.

Dry fast. Start prepping your body to very quickly burn through invaders. Dry fasting is the quickest way to kill something in your body. Also, there is the added aspect of mentally preparing yourself if you can’t have food.

Think food and liquids don’t have a hold on you?  They do. People go crazy and die without food and water, not because they are not taking in the substances but because of their mental state. Don’t disregard the power of the mind and ingrain belief systems.

What happens if the USA institutes a lock down like Sierra Leone? How does food or water get in? How do people pay for it? I read a quote where someone said that people in lock down will either die or become immune. I’d rather take becoming immune than going crazy and dying of Ebola.

I have successfully gone 2 weeks without food or water and came out stronger and healthier. I didn’t get to that point over night, nor would I even try to get there right away. You have to work with your mind, body and beliefs, while being completely smart about what is going on with your body. Look up cascade dry fasting and begin right away. It will actually do your health good; Ebola or not.

Super Strength Oreganol- Oil of Oregano, Clove Oil, Magnascent Iodine, and NutraSilver Plus- Colloidal Silver.

  • Oregano oil. I listened to a radio show where a doctor was talking about being hired by the CDC to protect its employees from plagues like Ebola while abroad. Oil of oregano was one of the major anti-viral oils used. Buy the Super Strength variety; It is expensive but worth it.Here’s the thing…a virus is a virus. It lives, thrives and dies just like other viruses. It can be just as easy to kill but you have to be very aggressive with killing it.
  • Clove oil is also a potent fighter and has strong anti-viral properties.Clove and Oregano oils can be rubbed on the feet and a few drops taken in full fat plain (no sugar) kefir/yogurt or no sugar, plain coconut kefir/yogurt several times a day. If you are exposed to it, I would be taking some every few hours.
  • Magnsacent Iodine is the only iodine that I recommend. It will cure Malaria and Dengue Fever in no time flat. Most of our cells are depleted of iodine and lends to cellular weakness. You can easily take 100 drops of Magnascent iodine several times a day without the normal adverse effects of iodine. You need to get your tissues saturated with this.
  • Colloidal Silver. I am a fan of Colloidal Silver and have taken just about every brand under the sun over the years. I can rave about the benefits but it wasn’t until I found the NutraSilver Plus 3600 PPM I became completely convinced of its powers.

Don’t shortcut and buy cheap supplements to save some money. I recommend these products because of their potency.

Turpentine: Pure turpentine, not the stuff you buy at the hardware store or the art store. Pure turpentine is made from pine trees while the hardware and art store brand is usually a by-product from the paper industry. It is toxic and not healing like pure turpentine.

Turpentine has been used for centuries as a heal-all medicine. There are doctors that have used it to cure just about everything under the sun in today’s world. I personally ingest it every day. It can be given to children and animals as well. It is important to always remember to have great respect for the very potent natural remedies.

There is a specific ratio to take and a way to mix it. Email me if you are interested.

If anyone around you is showing symptoms of Ebola or Ebola outbreaks happen in your area, start following the protocol right away.

There are people that are always close minded when it comes to alternative therapies or nature being a healer. However, what is the alternative? The news has been saying for weeks that they don’t have any more of the medicine that cures Ebola.

Ebola can only be scary if people are close minded. It is a virus and can be eradicated just like any other virus.

What’s not amusing or eye rolling about this is the possible millions of people that will die from Ebola because they were closed minded or didn’t know how to treat themselves. Get the word out there that Ebola can be stopped and you can become immune. Share this article.

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