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Doing For Others Or Doing For Self?


Doing For Others Or Doing For Self?

What is the true path to unconditional love and spiritual enlightenment? Modern spiritual enlightenment is a funny thing to me. Never before has so much opportunity for knowledge and growth been available in such a widespread way as it is today. But with this knowledge comes many modern spins on age-old principles.

What’s more important, loving or self preservation?

man trapped in box1There is a popular concept that I have heard most of my life; you cannot love another unless you love yourself. The fallacy is that we intrinsically love ourselves without condition. We may not always like things about ourselves, but there is a deep love that that eventually pushes us away from the bad and keeps us looking for something better. Our discomfort in bad situations IS our love of self.

Let’s face it, we live in a predominately selfish society. Ours is a society where people look out for themselves first and others are an afterthought or get brought along for the ride, but only if there is a benefit. Many relationships even function like this.

I had a recent discussion with someone that said that the only way you can take care of others is to take care of yourself. I have heard variations of this same theme many times. This very thinking is what has led us into the self-preservation society. While the theme may have started on good intentions, the ball started quickly rolling downhill.

The Universal truth is that you get back what you put out. If you are focused on taking care of other’s needs, there will be people that will show up to help take care of your needs…unconditionally. Whatever you do for another, you also do for yourself. This is a truth when understood that we are connected. The self-preservation comes from the thinking that we are separate and not connected. Selfishness and conditionality will only attract more selfishness and conditionality. To be in the heart of another and more importantly remembered, the service you rendered from sharing yourself and your blessings unconditionally is the deciding factor.

I want a world where we can walk down the street and see many people doing for others, just for the sake of sharing their Self and their blessings. Sounds like a good world, huh? Next step? Knock off the self-preservation thinking and start doing for others! You will find more blessings and love than you ever thought humanly possible.

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