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Do You Have Any Of These 5 Types Of Friends In Your Life? If Not – You Need Them!


Do You Have Any Of These 5 Types Of Friends In Your Life? If Not – You Need Them!

Before you diagnose yourself with depression, look at the asshole in bed with you.

This was a statement that I heard that rang really true.  It doesn’t just apply to who you are sleeping with; it applies to everyone that you surround yourself with.

If you have surrounding you: complainers, putter downers, general downers, back stabbers, dream killers (or dream stealers) and hecklers, it’s time to part ways.

“Au revior, we will probably never meet again but we part with me loving you (from a distance).”   

If you are surround by negative nannies, let this be your mantra.

Once you remove these people, you will often see depression leave.

The 5 People You Need In Your Life

Now that you have freed yourself from the excess baggage, let’s look at the 5 types of people you do want to lock arms with.

  1. The helper
  2. The thick and thin friend
  3. The mentor
  4. The compassionate friend
  5. The pusher of greatness

You will find that the helper will protect you when you are weak and unsure or afraid.  The helper will always go above and beyond.  When you ask if they can do a favor for you, they will always say, “Yes” instead of what is it?

The thick and thin friend will exchange secrets with you and keep them, no matter what.  They will always be by your side and never abandon you, even if you have a fall from grace.  These are the friends that will be willing to die for you.

Your mentor friend will always steer you in the right direction.  They will give you the roadmap for your success and allow you to look over their shoulder and see behind the scenes to their success.

The compassionate friend never will tell you, “Told ya so” with a smug attitude.  They will defend you if others talk bad about you.  They are the ones you can call in the middle of the night if you have a crisis.

The pusher will see your greatness and push you towards your greatness.  They will encourage all of your dreams and push you to the best route.  They have an intuitive air and can see your blockages that you can’t.  They will help you to see them and move past them.

The compassionate friend can be identified by four things: by not rejoicing in your misfortune, delighting in your good fortune, preventing others from speaking ill of you, and encouraging others who praise your good qualities.


Remember not to abuse these friendships and overall drain the people willing to help you.  Healthy relationships are a 2 way street with equal giving and taking.  Even if you don’t like what your friend has to say, never let your ego get involved.  Listen to them because these people are the real deal and will have a huge impact on your life and your greatness.

If you are interested in joining my tribe of greatness and the community that I am connected to that is literally chockfull of people exactly like this, click the link below and leave the world of depression behind forever!

According to Buddha, this was interpreted from Sigalovada Sutta

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