​​​​Diet and Weight Loss with a Holistic Approach

The obesity rate in the world is climbing. The amount of people that struggle with obesity in the United States is even moreOver Eating alarming.

Our food is fatty, rich, overwhelmingly large, and toxic. While a little bit of unhealthy food is not bad for you, a whole bunch of it has proven to be deadly. We are a trusting group of people and we just cannot fathom corporate giants allowing chemicals in our food that could harm us.

Eaten in very small quantities on occasion will not harm you. No one has ever gotten fat from one hamburger. They get fat from eating 200 lbs of hamburgers. Whatever your weight is, know that you have eaten that much food at one point in your life.

How Food Hurts Us

The chemicals in our food are just that; chemicals. They disrupt processes and hormones in the body, while lighting up addictive centers in your brain making you crave more.

That’s not all though. Our modern American diet is devoid of the nutrition your body truly needs to heal, repair and keep you youthful and vital no matter what your age. Your body will continue to send signals to your brain that you need more nutrition, even though you just ate a large meal. This will stimulate hunger as your body is trying to tell you that it needs raw nutrition.

Another aspect to weight gain is always mild depression and loneliness. We are a culture that is so busy and so electronically reliant, that our interpersonal centers and relationships are suffering. We have never in history been so isolated and lonely.  By way of your nervous system, food will temporarily shut down your ability to feel pain. You actually feel a very short lived comfort while you are eating. This comfort is so needed that we are willing to eat and eat and eat to feel it.

Once you have excess weight weighing you down, you now have involved hormones that make it difficult for you to lose weight, no matter how much you sweat, work out, or diet. This makes finding something that will work for you very difficult.

I Speak From Clinical Experience and Personal

Not only have I been there and experienced it, I have found weight loss strategies and work out tips that work across the board for everyone. I had a hard time taking advice from skinny people that had never been overweight. It is a totally different journey to be overweight and then lose the weight than to have never been fat in the first place.

I don’t want to portray that losing weight is a breeze because it does require a new mindset and new habits. You will have to teach your body to trust you once again.

In this section on diet in weight loss you will find tips, tricks and techniques to help you live a healthier and slimmer you. Through the articles you will begin to understand what is going on in your body and why you have gotten to the point you are. Some of it isn’t your fault, but some of it is. Regardless, it is all correctable.

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