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DHEA- Reduces Wrinkles… And Life Span?


DHEA- Reduces Wrinkles… And Life Span?

Okay, I know that was dramatic, but the potential of using toxic substances day in and day out, without regard to the Skin cream DHEA dangersimpact it has on our heath is dramatic.

DHEA is a natural hormone, also known as an androgenic steroid. It is made by the adrenal glands and circulates through the bloodstream and into the cells where androgens or estrogens are made. DHEA is also made in the brain in very small amounts. Hormones are very powerful things to be playing with. People think very little of how powerful and dangerous messing with hormones can be. Too many hormones like DHEA can lead to hair loss, heart damage, cancer, liver problems, irritability, menstrual problems.

DHEA in eye creams or face creams are just as potent as taking the hormone orally. Please do not think that because something is a cosmetic ingredient listed in skin care products that it is safe and harmless to the body.

Below is a paragraph from a book entitled Young Again by John Thomas. “What do you really know about anti-aging products? I have questioned the safety of DHEA for years. A look into at the FDA website concerning the safety of cosmetic ingredients, will show you that DHEA is a neurotoxin at best. Putting a neurotoxin around your eyes, where the skin is thin and has more permeability, leaves me uneasy.”

He then goes on to say, “DHEA is one of the magic bullet hormone analogs available over the counter. No one tells the public that there is NO difference between analogous DHEA, anabolic steroids, birth control pills, and estrogen replacements. All of them are VERY dangerous because they lock up the receptor sites in the body and prevent regulatory centers in the brain (hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal) from keeping the body’s hormones balanced and maintaining the body’s terrain.

Worse, analogs have a forever life and don’t break down. Marketing claims of natural DHEA are BOGUS! Crafty chemists, have moved the -R group on the organic molecule so they can patent it. The real stuff can’t be patented and anything natural isn’t profitable for the industry. Real DHEA is made in the body by the adrenals, and production slows beginning at age 24 followed by other hormones like progesterone and melatonin. Stay away from these popular drugs. They are not safe. Once they attach to your receptor sites, you will become a prisoner of your own body.”




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