Botox Side Effects – Are You At Risk?

Botox side effects are fairly obscure. Rarely do you hear about any negative Botox side effects. Since Botox is being used to enhance youth and beauty, you would not expect that Botox could make you appear like you have had a stroke.

If you hear about any Botox side effects, doctors are quick to say these are rare occurrences and in the hands of qualified physicians, there would be no Botox side effects at all. That is partially untrue. Training to inject into a muscle is very important, however, I have seen Botox side effects from the best plastic surgeons. A doctor can never know exactly how each individual body will respond.

The Botox side effects usually do not last long and women are willing to put up with them to reduce the appearance of aging. But are the Botox side effects as harmless as people think? Are the few weeks of side effects truly harmless or is there more going on under the surface that we cannot see?

Botox has been used to great advantage by neuroscientists and physicians to correct afflictions. In fact, Botox was originally being used to treat crossed eyes in the 1970’s until an opthalmologist observed an interesting side effect.  The wrinkles around the patient’s eyes began to smooth out.

Most people are aware that Botox is the protein Botulinum Toxin Type A, produced from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox will “freeze” muscles by interrupting the signals of the nervous system. Botox prevents muscles from working through this manner. There is a concern that Botox travels through the nervous system in minute amounts.

In studies on the brain, Botox was shown to travel to different areas of the brain and still show presence in the brain for up to 6 months. Neuroscientists have discovered that Botox can diminish experiencing emotion.  This sounds a little like an anti-depressant.  Some Botox side effects can cause respiratory distress, temporary headaches, and muscle drooping and puffiness, most notably around the eyes.

Botox side effectsEye drooping, known as blepharoptosis, can appear in several hours to several days after the injections. Effects can last a few weeks to several months and can hinder your vision. Some patients that have experienced Botox side effects say they are dealing with permanent eye drooping, change in vision, and puffiness. However, physicians that administer Botox in their clinics are quick to point out they have never heard of any permanent cases of Botox side effects. People suffering from Botox side effects are speaking out and warning people not to have Botox injected.

Botox side effects causing eye problems come from the Botox leaking into the muscles surrounding the eye or into the eye itself. Dry eye after Botox is being reported more often. If Botox leaks down into the eye, your cornnea or tear ducts could become permanently damaged. There are some Opthalmologists that caution against the use of Botox. They report that all it could take to permanently damage the eye is one bad Botox experience.

The eye is very delicate and made up of many nerves which could be damaged by Botox. Opthalmologists that are against injections done in non-FDA approved areas of the face caution people that if they have had any Botox side effects, such as eye drooping, puffiness, headaches, or vision changes, then they should not have Botox done again. It appears that some people have a higher propensity for Botox to migrate from the injection site causing damage that ranges from temporary to permanent.

A few quick liver cleanses can help droopy eyes caused from the Botox side effects return to normal.  It could be that the Botulinum Toxin is processed in the liver.  Once that is cleared, the body begins to metabolize and clear the side effects caused by leaking Botox.


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