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Bonuses for the Intermittent Fasting for Women Guide


Bonuses for the Intermittent Fasting for Women Guide

Bonuses for Intermittent Fasting for Women Guide

Thanks for coming to the bonuses page because you bought my book: Intermittent Fasting for Women Guide.  I will be updating this page regularly as new information comes out.  Make sure to bookmark this page so you can get the free bonuses that will be added in as they become available.

If you found this page without buying my book on Intermittent Fasting, go ahead and click here to check out my new book: Intermittent Fasting for Women Guide

Here are some resources that helped me on my intermittent fasting journey.  Some of the information listed below will directly have to do with intermittent fasting for women (IF) while others will focus on personal growth for women who undertake the IF way of life..


Free calorie counter and nutrition tool – My favorite tool.  Also tracks weight loss.

Free online program that allows you to plan your daily meals – It also works as a calorie and nutrition tracker. You can keep track of your water intake and even import recipes. This will be good for an all-in-one system to use with the Intermittent Fasting for Women Guide.

App for high intensity and heart rate monitoring – Android and iphone app


Great women’s fitness website  – Warning!  They do swear and use the word “fat” a lot.  If this kind of thing offends you, skip this site.

Fabulous HIIT workouts for women on Pinterest – easy HIIT workouts for women!

For your daily HIIT hit – Women inspired and works well with the intermittent fasting for women guide.

Personal responsibility website – This is a great site that helps you gt over the mental limitations that prevent you from getting thin and healthy or living the life of your dreams.

 The Get Shredded Diet – Yes, we are women and this site appears more geared towards men but that doesn’t mean we cannot adopt some of the principals. This takes IF to a whole new level. Muscle is so important when you are losing fat, otherwise you are left with hanging skin…ughhh.

Yes, I am THAT girl! Great Inspiration!  As we begin to feel better, we should pay it forward to other women.

Find your bliss with Gabrielle Bernstein – This is one of my favorite, uplifting, informative, and feel good sites. Her books are equally transformative.

Youtube Videos:

It’s no great secret that I love Body by Science because it is a research based program that gives amazing, fast results in about 12 minutes.  I literally can be in the gym for 12 minutes 2-3x per week.  Besides HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) I recommend the Body by Science for weight lifting.  Results are amazing.

Body by Science fat loss explained pt 1

Body by Science fat loss explained pt 2

Body by Science – the big 5 workout

Body by Science – Amy’s big 3 workout

Books, Audio, and Online Movie Recommendations:  

Self-Help Books and Movies

Body related books and movies

Recommended books on Productivity

If you need to know more about Intermittent fasting for women around the web:





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