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Beyonce Lemonade Diet With A Twist



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Beyonce Lemonade Diet With A Twist

Beyonce lost weight quick, and so can you.

So how does losing 15 lbs in 2 weeks sound?

The Master Cleanse (aka “the lemonade diet”) was created by Stanley Burroughs in 1940s, but was made mainstream popular when Beyonce lost a ton of weight and debuted her new post-Beyonce-cleanse diet body.

I know, I hear the tribal cries from some people saying that losing a pound a day is too much. If this thinking is you, this post is not for you. Instead, you will probably be interested in my post on using raw food to lose weight. If you have spent too many years overweight and just are literally sick and tired then you are probably ready for losing more than 1 lb a week. Enter the Lemonade Diet.

Before we begin, I want you to know that fast weight loss has been misrepresented and demonized in our society. When going through medical journals and papers, you Beyonce Lemonade Dietcan see that every day you spend overweight, puts your health and life expectancy more at risk. When you see risks of losing fat quickly, it is usually because of the reason (skip pills, diet powders and manufactured liquids), or illness, or someone that is chronically weak. These factors will always remain a concern for fast weight loss.

When you step away from processed foods, your body loses the excess it doesn’t want or need. This is a simple action of the body trying to clear out clutter. Restricting your calories, doing liquid diets or raw foods to lose weight will not push your body into doing something it isn’t designed for. The plain fact is that we are not meant to be fat. We have an obsession with processed foods and this is what makes us fat.

Why The Beyonce Lemonade Diet is Safe:

It has been estimated that over a billion people have went on The Master Cleanse. While that may be an inflated number, I can say that 9 out of 10 people I run into have went on it at some point in their lives. They have went on the lemonade diet because they either wanted to lose weight or lose toxins. Most people went 7-14 days on the diet without ill effects to their health. The most popular is the  the 10 day lemonade diet.

Stanley Burroughs created this to be nutritionally sound during the cleansing period. If you are coming from a processed diet, this lemonade diet will prove to be even more nutritious then what you were formally eating. There is a difference between bio-available nutrition and nutrition that your body just cannot absorb properly. Whole food will always give you more nutrition than something that is made in a lab.

The Beyonce lemonade diet, as Beyonce has attested to, gave her plenty of nutrition and energy while she was on it.

Pre- Beyonce Lemonade Diet:

This will require some prep.

  • For three days before you begin taking the Master Cleanse Diet, you will be on a raw food only diet. This means you can eat as much fruit and vegetables as you want. Fruits are powerfully cleansing, especially grapes, so I recommend eating as much raw fruit as you can.
  • Skip the processed dressings and dips and instead make your own using raw ingredients. You can use lime and Himalayan sea salt for dressing and avocado with lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt for a veggie dip.
  • Drink plenty of pure Spring water. You also can have herbal teas but skip the sugar. Add some maple syrup grade B if you need something.
  • You will also want to drink a cleansing tea at night before bed, like Smooth Move tea.
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During the Lemonade Diet Cleanse:

In the morning on an empty stomach, take 1 liter of pure water and add 2 teaspoons of Himalayan sea salt to this. Mix until dissolved and drink quickly. You will be in the bathroom in about 30-60 minutes. You will continue to use the bathroom for the next hour or less.

If the salt water does not produce a movement, you are dehydrated and need to drink a lot, a lot, a lot more water.

You will do this every morning of the cleanse.

The Lemonade Diet Recipe With a Twist:

  • 16 Tablespoons of Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice. Make sure your lemons are stored on the counter and not the refrigerator because you want the full effect of the enzymes.
  • 12-16 Tablespoons of Grade B Maple Syrup. It must be Grade B for all the minerals.
  • ¾ teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper Powder. You can use less or more depending on your taste.
  • 2 pinches of Saffron
  • 64 ounces of Pure water.

Warm the saffron by setting a plate containing the saffron string over a pot of boiling water to gently warm it. Heat them for 5 minutes. Remove the plate, but be careful because the plate will be hot from the steam. Smash the saffron string well. Add the smashed saffron to 2 Tablespoons of hot water. Let this brew for 10-20 minutes.

I then add the Purified water to a ½ gallon or gallon jug, squeeze my lemons, add my maple syrup and cayenne pepper and put on the cap and shake to mix well. I then take my saffron and put it into my lemonade mix. You can strain out the saffron strings if you want, but saffron itself is powerfully healing and aids greatly in the cleansing action of your body, so I leave it in there. I once again put on the cap to my jug and shake well.

You should drink about 8 cups of this a day. You can have more or less depending on your needs. Make sure that for every cup of lemonade diet detox your drink, you also drink a cup of pure water.

Take a smooth move tea at the end of the night and repeat the salt water cleanse in the morning and the lemonade for as many days as you intend to be on the lemonade diet cleanse.

Coming Off the Cleanse:

This will be exactly like you pre-cleanse. You will want to have a raw food diet for 3 days, with the first day being juices and smoothies. Make sure you drink plenty of fresh juiced oranges during this time.

Your second day can consist of blended salads and more smoothies. You can begin with some lightly warmed soups. You may begin to feel your hunger coming back by the end of day 2 and day 3. You can begin hardier raw soups and salads, along with whole raw fruits.

Listen to your body. If at the end of day 3, you do not feel ready to start eating regularly, stay on the juices, smoothies, and raw food.

If you ever experience swelling in your hands or ankles after you begin eating, go back to your post cleanse instructions and repeat them. This means that your body is not yet ready to jump into regular food or that you ate processed foods that is too hard for your body to digest right now.

Do not go back to chips, pizza and hotdogs. Use the Master Cleanse as a way to redefine the way you eat and what you eat. After the Beyonce Lemonade Diet, Beyonce went on to experiment with many different ways to eat healthy, one being a vegan challenge.

If you go back to the same diet you had prior to your cleanse, you will have the same results that led you to wanting to do the lemonade diet to begin with. Change your diet and it will change your life.

Here is a video I found on youtube to give you some more info on the Beyonce Lemonade Diet:

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